The Great Big Public Keto Before And After Thread!

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Forgive me,but huge difference!!



Not sure i can swear here but, ------ that is fantastic!! you have to be real proud

(Ron D. Garrett) #198

I am a 51 year old man who has been an active powerlifter/bodybuilder for over 30 years.

The pic on the left was one that as a former bodybuilder/soldier/athlete broke my heart…and this was not me at my heaviest.

For the past 15 years I started gaining weight to the point that I had to quit bodybuilding since I could no longer cut weight or fat so since I was already strong I became a powerlifter since I didn’t have to be all “cut up” to be one.

Still, though I “knew how to eat healthy” I became sicker and sicker continuing to put on weight until I reached my heaviest weight of around 337lbs.

I tried and tried to lose weight from my old calories restriction bodybuilding “cut diet” to even the veganism that I had always considered a “sin” as a lifetime meat eater and lost some weight but my blood sugar kept rising until about five years ago I became pre-diabetic staying that way until early 2017 when I was finally diagnosed full diabetic.

I struggled not knowing why my body which I could always rely on was now suddenly failing me but one day I prayed and asked God for help and my wife came home and asked me if I ever heard of Keto and told me that a friend had told them about a podcast 2 Keto Dudes.

I started listening but due to my OCD nature I had to go back and listen from the first one and all of a sudden what never made since over the past 15 years with the doctors made sense as the very things that I was hearing that I was telling my doctors was happening to me were being explained right on air and the solution was KETO!

So In October 2017 I started keto somewhere between 325-340 lbs (I wouldn’t get on the scale anymore at that point) listening to the show, the guests, and even branching off to YouTube and other sources to do research on Keto to educate myself on how to heal my body.

In early December 2017 just one and a half months after starting Keto I had my yearly VA appt. to which my doctor was shocked to see that not only had lost weight but ALL my markers for the disease of diabetes were gone and for the first time in 15 years ALL of my numbers were NORMAL!

He thought that there was an error in my blood work since my HBA1C (which was I estimate around 11) was now back to pre-diabetic levels at 6.4 and again EVERY marker of every disease that I had had was NORMAL!

The doctor clearly thought that my test results were somehow compromised so he made me back in 2 weeks and I had blood drawn again with my doctor expecting my “normal”readings but my numbers were even better AND I was no longer pre-diabetic anymore since my HBA1C was NOW 5.3!

Also my triglycerides which had been over 300 for years were now steadily in the 50 range and even my VA diagnosed disability in my back is much better (cost me money since I was getting ready to redo my paperwork for a higher rating BUT I DIDN’T care. Getting a higher rating and more money is not worth the pain and having to have back surgery which was being pushed by my doctors.

Lastly, the high level of inflammation, joint pain, and “arthritis” that I as a powerlifter and bodybuilder has been dealing with for years and was told was “normal” since I was 50 years old (at the time) was GONE and at 50 years old I was back powerlifting again, lost 70lbs and can still bench press well over 400 lbs WITHOUT PAIN.

NOW I WAS MAD because though it was my fault that I had allowed myself to get so ill through improper eating it was not ALL my fault since the advice that I was given by those “who should be in the know…my docs/nutritionists) to consume sugar and carbohydrates when diabetes literally means that your body can’t handle that crap was wrong as sin BUT no use in dwelling on that…PRAISE GOD FOR KETO!!!

So now as I continue to learn I pay it forward and have even started bringing Keto to the “hood” through our inner-city ministry as I and other men serves as “fathers” to young men the majority who don’t have a father due to death or prison or if they do are absent.

I am able to teach them about PROPER nutrition even showing them through our African and sub-Saharan African ancestry of how we were not used to carbs in our diet and that we mostly at fat first and meat.

Lastly, in my church, on social media, and at work where I’ve been labeled as the “King of Keto” and as many as 15 people are now in some way or other giving Keto a try many with typical results I continue to spread the word and have been privileged to share my story on The Ketogenic Athlete podcast and Keto Savage’s podcast (will be published soon) and surprisingly I’m in contact with a couple of more as they hear my story.

My prayer is that I hope that somehow what I’ve went through helps someone and I can’t thank the 2 Keto Dudes enough as I now fondly remember drawing strength and confidence demon them in the early days of Keto as I walked in the rain so that no one could see my tears listening to them as I started my journey…that seems so long ago now!!! :joy:

So for whoever sees this…HANG IN THERE!!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

You are not bound forever by the poor choices and bad health information that you have made and have been given.

Choose today to take control and live life to the full.

Ron “Big Black” Garrett

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#ketogenic #lchf

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This is a brilliant story Ron, thank you for sharing. How wonderful that you are able to spread the word and inspire so many others to take the keto journey.

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Yes…I am very happy to have figured this out…why I get fat. I’ve missed riding my bike and happy to be back on it again.

(Michelle Britt) #201

When i was 23, I was diagnosed with PCOS, Type 2 Diabetes, and high blood pressure. I weighed the most I had ever weighed at 253 lbs, at 5’6" tall. My cholesterol was through the roof, and I felt like I was 100 years old.

I lost a few pounds here and there, but always stayed around 230 lbs, and couldn’t seem to escape it. Until 18 months ago. Keto saved my life.

Today, I am 37 years old, and I weigh less then I did in High School. I hit a new milestone this morning when I weighed in at 158 lbs. That is 95 lbs gone. I reversed all health conditions related to my weight. I have energy and life in me again.

My before pic was at Christmas just a couple years back, and the after pic was this morning.


Holy cow! You look 20 years younger in your after pic. Congratulations!

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Hello! I’m Diane, 56 yo keto lady who has been so since august of '16. My journey began when I realized the time was now. Fat, diabetic, high bp and knowing full well if I didn’t do something I would be approaching my golden years one of those miserable old folks unable to enjoy life. I got things to do and I refuse to be “old”. So I found keto, figured it out, met some awesome keto people willing to put up with my questions and bada boom bada bing!, 2 years later, 100+lbs gone, off all 3 bp meds and no longer insulin resistant. My hair may be graying, my skin may have surrendered to gravity but I am more youthful now than ever. !new%20me

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Amazing! That’s not the same person… I think you’re an imposter :grinning:

(diane) #205

ha ha ha! :wink:

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:exclamation: Well done indeed, Michelle.

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Righteous, Diane!



But hey, there’s a lot less of you for gravity to grab on to, so there’s that! You look great!


Yessssss, that’s my buddy! :smiley: See you soon at Ketofest 2018!

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Thank you so much! My daughter hates it now when people ask if we are sisters (lololololol), and refuse to believe I gave birth to her.

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Thank you!!

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Thank you my friend!!! Just trying to do my part!

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Fantastic story, Ron!

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Thank you!!!

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I feel very good. I am so thankful