The difference one year makes...(My personal Keto FB post)

(Kate ) #1

One year.
One year ago, I decided on a whim to research the ketogenic/low carb healthy fat way of eating. I didn’t look horrible, feel terrible, or have an awful self-image- I just wanted to find another way to live the next several decades that would make me the strongest for the longest.

I vowed early on that I’d never act my age, and always wanted to be one of the moms that DID things, and not complain about various aches, pains, fatigue. While I’ve never turned down a roller coaster, a hike, a sledding trip down the floodwall, or a trampoline party (and never plan to), I WAS starting to feel these things a little bit more than in the past.

I immersed myself- and continue to do so- in the latest research and benefits to getting rid of added sugars, processed foods, seed oils, and grains. I learned about cholesterol and what it really is, and what it really does. I learned about inflammation and how foods influence our pain levels. I’ve learned a lot more about horticulture and ruminants, and how much misinformation there is out there about impact to our bodies and the environment.

I’ve always had panic/anxiety disorder, coupled with OCD (no compulsions, thankfully), but, have had that under control for many, many years with a low dose of Zoloft. While I continue on with my low dose, my mental clarity and happiness is higher than its ever been, as well as my sense of wellbeing. The ketogenic way of life has had a positive effect on my mind.

I’ve always had Restless Leg Syndrome, and for about 5 years have had that controlled somewhat through medications- insomuch that I don’t go days or weeks with only 2-3 hours of sleep per night. Ketogenic eating hasn’t cured that, but, my iron and ferritin levels continue to rise- when those are low, RLS is worse.

More than anything, though, I feel healthier and stronger than I’ve ever felt- even when I was running marathons. I feel younger than I did ten years ago. I’m 48lb lighter. I can do push-ups.

I hear a lot of misconceptions about this way of eating- and, I will agree that there are some fad programs out there that play on this way of eating and become dangerous diets. That said, I neither miss nor crave things I couldn’t live without before that were making me sick- like breads, crackers, pasta, sugar, rolls, twix bars, and on and on.

One of the greatest misconceptions that I hear is that I’ve eliminated a whole food group (carbs). I do keep my carbs under 20g most days- which means, my carbs come from leafy greens.

Do I always stick to it? Nope.
Does my body let me know when I’ve gone off track? IMMEDIATELY.

My food selections these days include: Beef, pork, chicken, fish, bacon, sausage, eggs, cheese, almonds, pecans, avocados, green peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, asparagus, zucchini, squash, spinach, onions, mushrooms, heavy whipping cream, butter, dark chocolate, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, bourbon, tea, coffee, and many, many other things.
This has become a lifetime journey for me. I continue to read, research, listen to podcasts, and change my perspectives as needed.

The woman on the left wasn’t unhappy. She wasn’t wholly unhealthy yet, either.

But, the woman on the right- she’s stronger and happier than ever.

(Jody) #2

You look amazing! Thank you so much for sharing. I’m 5 months in and these are the kinds of posts that keep me going!

(John) #3

Your grocery cart and mine would look nearly identical.

Great work! Your story and approach are very inspirational.

(Full Metal KETO AF) #4

Good for you Kate, you look great and feel better. Win Win. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Mary) #5

What a terrific post. Thank you for telling your story!

(Khara) #6

Thanks for your story, really enjoyable! Congrats on all your successes and hard work and self education! :+1::+1:

(Lazy, Dirty Keto 😝) #7

You look great! Happier and healthier! Congrats :tada:

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #8

Congratulations and thanks for sharing!

(Andi loves space, bacon and fasting. ) #9

Wonderful story. Thanks for sharing Kate :purple_heart::dancer::boom:

(Marianne) #10

Good for you, girrlll! You look mah’velous. Love that blouse!

(MyLove MyLife) #11

Congrats!! Great Work!!

(Susan) #12

You look terrific, major congrats =))!!


@KRC this is such an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing. You look so happy!

(Pamela) #14

Look at you! Love your philosophy and mindset, I am just starting out and this is what I’m working towards. Your food list is perfect too! Thanks for sharing your journey. :smiley:

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #15

Welcome Pamela, let us know if we can help you navigate the forum or answer questions. Best wishes on your new journey.

(Susan) #16

Welcome to the forum, Pamela =). I wish you health and success on your keto journey, if you have any questions, please make a thread and ask away!

(Pamela) #17

Thank you Momof5 and PetaMarie! Not really running into problems yet. Struggling this week with a bit of flushing but I guess that’s common with keto. Very similar to a hot flash. Perhaps the keto jump started my hormones a bit. Keeping on top of my electrolytes and staying the course.

(Marianne) #18


Make sure you eat.


(Susan) #19

Pamela, I find I sweat after I eat, and apparently this is normal but good and means fat burning! So don’t worry about it at all, it is a positive thing =).

(Cecile Seth) #20

During the fat adaption phase some folks feel wonky. It settles out in a week to 3 months depending on the person. Welcome!