The China Study

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This was touched on briefly here some time ago:

Link: The China Study by Dr. Collin Campbell

But unless you know what you’re looking for, I don’t think many have seen it and/or appreciate the full repercussions. And I think it warrants more depth. So I’m posting what I think are the two most relevant repostes to a boatload of veggie/vegan nonsense. For the less technically inclined:

For anyone who wants to take the Deep Dive™:

Denise Minger is right up there with Amber O’Hearn on my list of goto sources.

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I like Denise Minger. She’s a pretty good thinker. But the problem with her Weston Price article is that the snark is alienating to people who really need to hear her actual critique. The second link, to the more comprehensive article on her site, is a lot more matter-of-fact and will not raise hackles unnecessarily.