The Brain & Ketones – Dr. Stephen Cunanne (Full Interview)

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The Brain & Ketones – Dr. Stephen Cunanne (Full Interview) Published on Jul 25, 2016 Dr. Stephen Cunanne Professor Department of Medicine, Physiology, and Biophysics University of Sherbrooke

Note: Serious Clinical Ketogenic Diet Research - Canada

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Brain ketones uptake using PET scans and Alzheimer’s… Interesting.

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Yes! I thought that was rather fascinating!

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As in everything else, our brain too is less efficient at getting nutrients. I was reading about digestion and the reduced acid. The gut and reduced useful bacteria. No wonder we age.


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Speak for yourself.

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Oh I am, I am!


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“Never grow up.”
Peter Pan (and the geezer on the 750 Shadow)

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Keto on! :+1:


This got really interesting around minute 10. Appreciate Dr. Cunanne’s work - and his own wellspring mind and fountain of age!

It makes sense that digestive health/enzyme production and ketones are critical for rejuvenations. The SAD diet is terrible for so many things, it’s really sad :frowning:

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Love your joie de vivre.