Thanks to everyone

(Scott) #1

I wanted to thank everyone for encouragement answering questions being honest . I am 53!and weighed me self this am and down43 lbs . I have been as high as 385 lbs in 2012. Yesterday went to Costco in Canada and bought a pair of 42 pants and they are a comfortable . Didn’t think I would ever be able to buy at costco. I am 2xlt in golf or Tshirt and my button up shirts at 2xlt are to big according to people at work . I am still
A little fixated on scale but it took me weeks to go from 250 to 246.9 but my pants feel more comfy.

Thanks again it helps here when you are doubting yourself and questions even though people don’t understand outside the forum . If they don’t see veggies and fruits they think your crazy . My only miss is potatoes . Mashed and fries ( and maybe chips at the odd sporting event on tv. But am good)

(Susan) #2

Congratulations, Scott! That is great =). You can make some alternate Keto fries and many people use Pork Rinds as a chip alternate. I used them to make Keto “nachos” a few times and they are very delicious. There are quite a few Keto alternates that you can find in our recipe section on the forum!

Keep up the good work! I wish you continued success in your Keto journey.

(Scott) #3

Thanks I tried open rinds in USA and Canada . Canada are really bad ( my opinion) in stars can tolerate as they have bbq and saw salt and vinegar once . Tried the alternative for fries and weren’t a hit . It has actually helped
With no snacking at night . A habit I had with boredom . We are in a lockdown so gym and indoor golf etc closed . Only stores that sell food until
Feb 11 for now , maybe longer

(Joey) #4

@jscott1967 Sounds like you’re doing superbly well … Congratulations on your path thus far, and best wishes for more successes on the journey ahead! :vulcan_salute:

ps - @Momof5’s pork rind suggestion was top of mind here too … my wife and I found microwave’able ones in little flat pouches you make like popcorn and use them to dip guacamole, salsa, or just in plain vinegar. Great for satisfying the occasional munchie urge if need be. Not snacking can be an even better idea if weight loss is a goal :wink:

(Scott) #5

Canada is so far behind when it comes to keto carnivore and snacks . All the good looking treats I see have maltitol in it. Thanks I might try another bag and use some more spices .

(Susan) #6

I bought a very large plastic container of Pork Rinds with 0 carbs and no added stuff --at Costco for $10 in Ontario, Canada --and I didn’t use them as a snack --I used them as a meal --I grated my own cheese, and put in the microwave to melt it on top, and then dipped it in a low carb Salsa and sour cream -each time I made it, it was an entire meal and was delicious.

I do 20:4 IF TMAD and no calories for that 20 hours of Fasting.

(Scott) #7

I saw those , I find huge ones I grocery store very hard . I might have to try that with sour cream and salsa

Now just need you to help with McDonald’s fries with ketchup and mayonnaise . I will use avocado mayonnaise and sugar free ketchup . My kids still get McDonald’s sometimes and fries smell great

(Bacon by any other name would taste just as great.) #8

You might also find them under the name of “chicharrones” (a Spanish term). Goya sells them, and you would find them in the Hispanic section of the supermarket. Another English term is “pork scratchings.”

(Laurie) #9

Scott, I’m in Canada too. I haven’t tried the large jar of Utz pork rinds from Costco. I have tried Baken-ettes and Bac’n Puffs. I buy Bac’n Puffs all the time. They are indeed puffy and nice, and they are cooked in lard, which is better (keto-wise) than oil. The Baken-ettes are hard and horrible, in my opinion.


Be wary of anything labelled as “chicharron.” I once bought some, and it turned out they were made of peas!

I know it can be hard to find pork rinds. Sometimes the best place to find them is a small convenience store, rather than a supermarket. My Walmart also has them. But not in the snack aisle; they’re at the self-checkout.

@PaulL In Canada we have some, but not all, US brands. And sometimes the ingredients are different, even in the same brand. Tricky. Also, because of demographic differences, we might not have good/real Mexican-type foods (depending on where one is).

(Bacon by any other name would taste just as great.) #10

Yeah, sourcing (often because of import/export restrictions) can be a problem for the manufacturer, among other things.

(Marianne) #11

That is so awesome! It makes me so happy to hear of people enjoying keto and doing well. Best to you.

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #12

@jscott1967 I also dislike pork rinds no matter what they’re called. Instead, I eat bacon bits/crumbles. I buy Walmart’s Great Value Real Bacon Crumbles. I don’t ‘snack’ though. They’re part of my daily regimen.

(Susan) #13

These are not Mcdonald’s but are very nice =).

(Scott) #14

I am in Ottawa and gone to loblaws metro basics etc snd they all sell only one brand . Plain and not great . I will try again with nacho toppings for a treat . They are fritolay baked-ets

(Jane) #15

I hear ya, brother. I can pass on bread, pasta and rice but I miss potatoes!

I mentioned to hubby a few days ago how simple our meal prep is on steak night. Before keto we would have to remember to put the baked potato in an hour or so before dinner (yes, potato singular - even then we split one). Or heat up the deep fryer (canola oil * shudder *) for frozen fries.

Now it is heat up the grill and the salad is ready by the time the steak is.

(Scott) #16

The craving is not there all the times , only when kids get McDonald’s like once a month , and on special days like Xmas and thanksgiving and the family get together with mashed and gravy

(Rebecca ) #17

Congratulations on your health improvements so far! Just the other day and said to my husband that I noticed there isn’t anything I crave or “miss”. I have been eating this way for 1 1/2 years now and am comfortable with my routine.

(Scott) #18

I am
Lucky as not really a seafood eater but eat Icelandic haddock once every 3 weeks . Just
Mostly ground beef steak chicken meatballs . Very simple but very good . My cravings were
Mostly bad habits and boredom of eating when game on when not hungry with chips etc .