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(Karen ) #1

Hi all,

Last few days I have been fatigued, sluggish and my was heart beating fast. Couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. I had my doctor check my potassium and magnesium levels and they were normal. I did a quick search and read it could be my sodium intake. Well, I bought the Himalayan salt and the last two days, I felt great! This forum is truly great! I appreciate it!

(Susan) #2

That is great, Karen. I eat 3 teaspoons a day and more on fasting days, and just drink a lot of water afterwards (as I don’t like drinking it in water, but many do it that way).

(Marianne) #3

Yes, basically, all I drink now is salt water. Not a favorite, but I’ve gotten used to it the point where if I have just plain water, it tastes like something is missing.

FYI, don’t know how old you are, but if you have had rapid heart beat for a long time and before keto, you may want to get it checked out. I had that for years and thought it was my thyroid or situational, like stress, etc. Turns out I had A-fib (which is now under control).

(Karen ) #4

I’ve never had rapid heart beat before Keto. I also had a EKG and stress test last week to be safe. Thank u!

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Good news.

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Sorry, I couldn’t hold myself back! :grin:


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Great picture… love it and still laughing!