Testing enhanced fat burn with raw whole ginger root

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Women always gotta be more complicated. :wink:

If I were doing this in a lab, with unlimited funding, we’d give everyone a month to baseline at an iso-caloric, iso-macro intake. Then add whatever level of ginger intervention we wanted.

For the individual at home, this might be excessive, but for the pre-change woman, yeah, probably need at least a month to baseline… sorry.

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Whatcha got there? :slight_smile:

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Drinking some Gin and Juice😄
I mean a ginger root juice shot

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Notice in the research they are using two types of ginger; one from raw ginger extracted under high hydrostatic pressure (HPG e.g. much like cold pressed) and the other way is from hot water extraction (WEG) with a high fat diet (HF).

HF + HPG seems to shrink them even more?

That is fascinating! :face_with_monocle:


How do you feel about ginger essential oils? Would you still get the same benefits? My friend is in Doterra and she was telling me about essential oils…

I’m asking because i’m jumping on board the ginger train :slight_smile:


So sippin on gin juice :joy:
It looks like a shot-full of health :slight_smile:

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And…“ just rollin down the street —-laid back “

Normally, I’ll get it with cayenne pepper option
What a rush😄

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With my mind on my “health-ey” and my “health-ey” on my mind…

So it’s just minced ginger and and an occasional cayenne kick?

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It’s Extracted Juice from the root
Some of the awesome options
Lemon, turmeric, orange, sometimes a cherry too
Honey or pineapple ( not for me though )
Mix and match

Or w cayenne like this:

Just got this here gem at a local farmers market just hours ago too😄

“ No officer, it’s not alcohol? I’m driving just fine. Nothing too see here “


You should need a license to carry this :joy:

Looks great :slight_smile: definitely stealing your ideas :wink:


How do we feel about ginger essential oil?