Testing enhanced fat burn with raw whole ginger root


@Nasir and @LibbyL I haven’t read the whole thread so I’m not sure if this comes up on here, but if ginger is anti-inflammatory I would be careful about taking it right after a workout since that’s not the time that you want to inhibit the inflammatory response. (Same with cold baths - studies done with workout and then immediately a cold plunge show different results from studies in which there’s a gap between workout and cold exposure.)

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Well, you’ve gotten a lot of people on the ginger band wagon but too many different ways people are taking in the ginger for your experiment. It’s like trying to organize a homeschool activity. Too many home schoolers like to do things their own way, so nothing gets done. :woman_shrugging:

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I made ginger tea from the recipe in your link, squeezed in the juice of a lime, and added a few drops of stevia. It is quite tasty. I hope it has a similar effect as eating the raw ginger or taking the capsules. I will have no trouble drinking the tea.

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@VirginiaEdie :slightly_smiling_face: I comfort my self that so many people have become of aware of the possibility here. So even if I am the only one who actually conducts a formal test, many more may well benefit from utilizing ginger.

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@Madeleine Do you mean it impacts muscle recovery (or growth or both)?


I’m not an expert in this area but it’s my understanding that it’s best not to interfere with that inflammatory response right after a workout. The first stage of muscle growth due to exercise is damage to the fibers, right? That’s the stimulus for increased growth/strength, and inflammation is a necessary (but temporary) part of the process.
So, yes, I would think that it could interfere at least in part with muscle growth.


I’m thinking about buying these from amazon after reading this thread,

Would this suffice?

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I still have 100lbs to lose and I’d possibly be up for a bit of an experiment. I’ll need to reread your post in details first.

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Why don’t you just buy apple cider vinegar and a ginger root at your local grocery for a couple bucks? The third ingredient of this stuff is HONEY!


I started keto on 4/22 so I have lots of weight to lose and lots of health to gain. But I’ll admit - I tried chewing a thin slice of raw ginger last night. I’m a wimp. I might have to work up to 10g. Tonight I’m going to try grating it into water and drinking it instead. Might not get the exact same benefit but it appears ginger does great thing for digestive health and my digestive health is dreadful. It’s what brought me to Keto. If I work up to 10g and can chew an evening dose I’ll check back in.


I bought Ginger-Turmeric tea at Trader Joe’s the other day and now I’m feeling like such a smarty-pants. Probably doesn’t have remotely the effect of eating raw ginger, but that study did say they used some sort of ginger-water solution. No? Too much of a reach? :laughing: It’s good tea though. Good cold, too.


I also have a lot of weight to lose and am planning to start using @atomicspacebunny 's idea for a beverage with water (probably will try sparkling, grated fresh ginger, ACV and fresh lemon juice). I will NOT do this on days I’m fasting. After doing this for a month, I’m also going to try making it in tea form (fresh ginger and lemon or lime steeped in hot water), as I’ve had it before and it’s delicious! I’ll try to remember to report back here.


Cool! I bet it makes a real nice iced tea too!

Though Ginger addresses pain, circulation issues, and digestive upset speedily, it takes awhile for Ginger’s positive impact on cortisol/insulin/belly fat to be seen, which is understandable. But wow, does it help! My outer belly vertical areas are becoming lean, with the central round fatty area shrinking layer by layer with 3 inches lost in the navel measurement over the last 6 months (also am addressing diastasis recti and doing transverse muscle exercising which is probably helping the swooshing). Having any positive CHANGE in this region in my midlife female body is quite remarkable I think!


That’s why the capsules are so handy, and you can be sure of your daily dosage and they’re nicely portable and cheap.

I started with one capsule per meal (at the start of the day with a fatty coffee/tea, followed by a capsule with each of my following 2 meals), then upped it to 2 caps 3x day for a period of 3-4 months, then back to 1 cap per meal. Have been taking it about a year, with many benefits, including (after a season or two of supplementation) having enormous changes in the belly fat, starting to swoosh that fat away and have measurable shrinkage at the stubborn navel level.

If you use the forum search bar, there are a number of interesting past threads on Ginger with posted studies - a few people here are regularly taking the dry powder capsules with noticeable benefits. :herb:

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I’m going to try this too, I’m already drinking ACV, sparkling water and lemon juice concoction at dinner on my feasting days, I’ll just add some grated ginger. Couldn’t hurt and you are right, probably make it taste better.


I’ll have to see if I can find them where I live. If not, I’ll have to wait until my next visit to the US. I now entirely understand the allure of capsules…


:blush: Well, good ones can be ordered online from Amazon and Ebay if that helps! Be sure to look for the standardized/tested ones from GMP facilities for purity. I use “Nature’s Way” brand myself, which is sold at health food stores and drug stores in my area.

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For the sake of control, wouldn’t one need to establish a baseline, like eat the same food for a week or two, and then continue eating the same food with the added ginger protocol, to both be able to measure and segregate the hypothesized ginger effect from say unconscious micro changes while in the study (like calorie lowering). Upthread, someone reports that their ginger brew takes the edge off their hunger… if so, and properly only eating when hungry, perhaps it’s reduced food intake (I know CICO is dirty around here, but if you’re eating 400g of fat, how you gonna burn fat?)…

I remain agnostic on the hypothesis, lacking data and the motivation to find more, but would see it tested robustly.

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@LeCheffre “For the sake of control, wouldn’t one need to establish a baseline…”

Very insightful ! I wonder who else thought of that?

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This would probably make sense for men, but a woman would need at least a month baseline. Which is one reason there aren’t more studies on women’s health. It’s just too complicated. I heard someone smart lamenting about this on YouTube… I want to say Noakes?