Testing enhanced fat burn with raw whole ginger root

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@Ruina @Robinette71 Have at it and have fun.

I just weighed in this morning at 141 pounds. :roll_eyes: So I’m a bit restricted/conflicted about continuing to test this on myself. I’m less than 14% body fat, so I don’t have much to play with. I’m convinced the only reason I have not lost more weight is I’ve avoided a calorie deficit most days, although not all.

So, it would really be advantageous if someone trying to lose serious weight became interested enough to test the proposal here. Of course, I’d like someone who will follow the protocol I’ve outlined so we have some real numbers to look at. BUT anyone who wants to try this on themselves just to see if they lose more weight faster is welcome to give it a go!

Anyone out there? :pleading_face:

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I’m already “at” goal, with another 7 lb it wouldn’t hurt my feelings to lose. Also, I’m in the developing world so I could get a cheap breathalizer probably. Maybe. Anyway, I’m probably not your best test subject.

But maybe if you reviewed your instructions and made either the procedure or the instructions themselves simpler you might have more takers?

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@Ruina Suggestions? I’m all for making things as easy as possible and convincing as many as possible to participate. However, my overall goal is to determine, in a quantifiable manner, the following:

  1. Does the effect exist
  2. If so, what is the magnitude of the effect over time
  3. Can we measure the effect reliably, best way of doing so

After the first goals are quantified, I envision testing further to determine what is the minimum amount of ginger required to induce the effect, whether the effect can be enhanced by the addition of other nutrients, eg apple cider vinegar as suggested by @atomicspacebunny, and/or other ways of ingestion, eg cooking as suggest by @Alpha, drinking as suggested by @Tmdlkwd, etc, are there any negative side effects. There may well be other related issues that arise during the testing and discussion that warrant their own testing.

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That study I cited on the ginger root extract looks pretty convincing to me, even if you have a lot of fat which may just be inflamed adipose tissue, it seems to shrink the adipose cells rather than oxidizing them so by adding the Apple Cider Vinegar ACV you are shrinking and oxidizing them in succession? Why not look good while you burn…lol

I have been doing the Apple Cider Vinegar ACV everyday other day since Dr. Berg suggested it in one of his videos in 2016 and an earlier video in 2015 where he is using cheese grader to shred the ginger root into glass of water with ACV and lemon juice. Here is a 2019 Video on the subject of ACV. Dr. Berg never says how much ACV you can drink, so I wrote him and he says “…it is ok to drink once every day…” lemon juice optional if you want to prevent kidney stones from oxalates.

I often wonder if we really burn fat (total oxidation and death of the fat cell) or if it is really an inflammation problem as suggested by Dr. Micheal Eades and Hyperlipid?

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In case people don’t know this already, ginger almost completely prevents delayed onset muscle soreness i.e. I don’t get muscle pain after heavy lifting if I drink ginger juice or eat it afterwards.

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Another possible benefit, I get no muscle cramps at night. As mentioned, I agree with hot or sweats though
It happens
Or it could be the added cinnamon and turmeric :slightly_smiling_face:

@amwassil I’m more in the maintenance stage. But, enjoying all the info and science…thanks again

Side note
The gin gins candies are so good. Sampled one not too long ago…please don’t google the ingredients Keto police :policewoman:
Not to thread hijack, wanted to post, but there is a candied ginger recipe out there that uses swerve…yum!
I want to try making

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What are your thoughts on someone trying this with pickled ginger/sushi ginger for those who might not be able to tolerate raw ginger?

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Also, what is the dosage of ginger juice for muscle soreness? A shot glass full (30 ml give or take)? Half of that? I have a kilo of young ginger in the freezer that I could run through the juicer maybe. I bet it would be a harsh experience straight up. I’d be torn between quaffing it straight or cutting it with something like applejack.

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I just “attempted” to chew on 10 grams of very thinly sliced ginger and wow. I made it through maybe 4 grams, 5 at most. I love pickled ginger and I bought some capsules today. Not sure I can stomach eating it raw.


I started taking the capsules this weekend, there is no way I can eat it raw, I’ve been feeling quite well since I started just taking 2/day :blush:

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Are they 550 mg? That’s all I could find.

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Can you take these fasted or is this for the fed state?

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I believe they do have some calories/carbs in them so if you are aiming for autophagy I would avoid, but I don’t think it’s enough to affect fat burning and may actually help. I took one on an empty stomach today with no issues.

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Not sure of the amount to take for “specific” Benefits?

But, at a local franchise juicing establishment here in SoCal, they offer 1 or 2 oz shots
When I’m in a $ splurging mood or away from my cheap Keto routine
I always get a 2oz shot, w no chaser ( they offer lemon or orange ) w no problem
For me though, I like the taste😄
Normally, I drink when fasted, but no set rules when fat adapted

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Yes a very harsh and bitter experience but you get use to it if you drink it a lot…lol! If you get heartburn, gas and bloating this would be the cure.

No pain no gain…lol

You have to be consistent with it?


I think so, want to say 500, but they’re probably 550 :grin:


On the directions it says, take with a meal. I think it can cause stomach upset otherwise.

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Thomas DeLauer has a video on ginger,turmeric, curcumin and reishi muchroom… They all help autophagy , Maybe.


I often take a capsule with my morning tea/coffee and HWC - and then don’t eat a meal for many hours - the fat in the cream helps!

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Ok, don’t know if this is a coincidence or what but I had one ginger capsule yesterday and was able to choke down the 10 grams a raw ginger an hour before bed last night and I’m down 1.8 pounds this morning! I didn’t do anything else out of the ordinary yesterday so I am definitely intrigued. I hope the trend continues!