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It’s insidious. My mother is fighting for her life right now on a bipap machine. We are on the phone each hour with my father, who struggles to take care of himself all alone. It looks like he has recovered now though. My mother’s situation has been getting worse for 3 weeks and she is evaluated daily for transfer to the ICU. But the unit she is in now, while not an ICU, is technically still very much giving what would normally be ICU-type care. Take your oxygen saturation daily. It can drop like a rock even without you feeling it.

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(Ashley) #63

You are in my thoughts! I lost my dad in March to covid and my gpa last Saturday to covid!

(Wendy) #64

Oh wow soo sorry for your loss! :cry:

(Ashley) #65

Thank you Wendy I appreciate it!

(Jane Srygley) #66

So happy to hear she’s doing better! COVID has ripped through my family and my husband’s family but we all seem to have managed very well. Right now my friend has it and her husband is in the hospital on oxygen, stable for now. Very scary stuff. I wore a mask religiously but still got it. There’s no such thing as 100% safe but we do what we can.

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Ethan, good luck to your mother. Wow…


Ethan, I’m so sorry to hear this. Best wishes to your mother.

[totally unsolicited advice to follow. Please feel free to disregard but I’vet though a lot about what I would do if one of my parents were exposed to COVID so I figured there would be no harm in sharing it here: I’ve been looking into breathing exercises recently and am not sure why there’s not more guidance on breathing for COVID in particular. James Nestor’s book Breath is excellent, but you could probably get some useable guidance from digging around online. The new info to me was that 1) we often get less oxygen saturation in our cells if we OVER breathe [asthma attacks are a prime example] and 2) nose breathing really matters.

There was a recent study of honey and black cumin on COVID patients in Pakistan that showed very promising results.

And of course vitamin d, which has already come up so often on here.]


oh no :cry:. I’m sorry, Ashley.

(KCKO, KCFO) #70

Sorry for your loss Ashley.

I get so angry when I hear anyone say this is nothing worse that the yearly flu. So many more lives and so many more with lingering effects.

Stay healthy

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I am sorry for your most recent loss Ashley =( – that is horrid that you lost another family member to Covid =((. Hugs.

I am not sure what a gpa is? I only know that as grade point average but guessing it means a grandparent or something.

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It means grandpa! I usually say gma for grandma and gpa for grandpa.

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Thank you all for the kindness!

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People think it’s just old people who die, issue is yes they are a higher bracket, and yes being healthier for sure makes things less complicated, but we are still seeing cases of younger and older healthy individuals dying. It’s sad. Everyone stay as safe as possible! Also make sure to keep entertained with new hobbies or things you can occupy yourself with at home for mental health!

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Logged on to the Labcore website to see if my tests were in. To my surprise it was. And Thank the Lord it was Negative. Spoke to my daughter in law this am, via tx. She said shes feeling alittle better, and that she had all the symptoms, except short of breath,and chest pain. Local health dept. Called her yesterday to ck on her. And told her she could un isolate Monday. But to watch for any worsening symptoms. And that she CAN be re infected. Now the wait to see if my son and grandkids get any symptoms. :crossed_fingers:

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She just passed


I’m so very sorry Ethan. I hope you’re able to spend some time with your Dad. Take care.

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Ethan I am very sorry for your loss.

(KCKO, KCFO) #79

So very sorry for your loss. Always keep your happy memories of her in your heart.

I hope the rest of the family has a healthy New Year.


Oh, Ethan - I’m so sorry. Internet hugs to you from this (almost) stranger. I hope you have lots and love and support around you.