Tested positive

(Jane Srygley) #1

In glad I’m doing keto! So far low grade fever, coughing, stuffy nose, fatigue. Taking vitamin D and C plus zinc. Pretty scared now that I have c the results.

(Gregory - You can teach an old dog new tricks.) #2

How long did you have symptoms before you were tested?

Do you have any idea how long ago you were exposed?

(Ethan) #3

How long have you been taking D?

(Gregory - You can teach an old dog new tricks.) #4

Do you know what your latest VITAMIN D 25 HYDROXY labs were?

(Bob M) #5

I hope it goes well. I’ve seen many people who still aren’t the same 6+ weeks later. Have POTS, trouble breathing, winded. It’s really unclear who gets what and why. Some have little to no effects, including my brother. Others, like Dr. Unwin’s son, have lingering effects (POTS) several months later.

You might also try selenium.

(Polly) #6

Good luck @AuntJane, I hope you make a full and speedy recovery.


Wishing you the best and hope your recovery is easy on ya!! Take care of you now!!

(Bob M) #8

Oh yeah, don’t be too concerned about taking Advil or other NSAIDs. The initial concern was overblown.

The typical progression (per week): 1-get sick; 2-get worse; 3- get better; 4-get secondary infection. Even if you’re good, watch for bacterial infections in the fourth week. This progression from Dr. Daniel Griffin:


He’s on every week.

(Jane Srygley) #9

I had heard that, thank you! So far I’ve just taken baby aspirin and tylenol. Oh and a mucinex once.

I will do that! Yeah hopefully my partner and I will both fully recover. So far, we seem to have only mild symptoms.

No idea…

I take a multi with D almost nightly. I spend a lot of time in the sun on the weekends.

That’s hard to say. I felt a little congested for about 2 weeks before the coughing and sneezing started about 1 week ago. I think that was most likely allergies. I started the coughing and sneezing a week ago last Saturday and got tested Friday. I started to feel sicker Thursday so I made an appointment to get tested.

My weirdest symptom so far has been a rash on my back and stomach, plus some odd bumps on my face that looked like pimples but weren’t. The rash appeared after my skin felt like it was irritated, especially by my bra. That happened over the weekend.

(Jane Srygley) #10

Yikes!!! Thanks…


@AuntJane… Hoping you make a quick and complete recovery!!!

(Bob M) #12

You might not have that, especially if you’re doing OK. It’s just the “normal” progression, but that’s for relatively sick people. If you’re not relatively sick, you might not get it, but it’s something to watch for.

(KCKO, KCFO) #13

Wishing you and hubby a speedy recovery with no lingering effects. You seem to be taking what most of the drs. are recommending and hopefully your symptoms will be milder because of it. Hugs sent your way.

(Butter Withaspoon) #14

Get well soon Jane! I hope it follows the more common easy course. Enjoy some sunshine and staring into space.
And good food of course!!


Wishing you the speediest recovery!

(Jane Srygley) #16

Hubby had a rough night. I couldn’t sleep for most of it because I’m terrified of losing him And feel so guilty for giving it to him. I was most likely infected first. I know stress screws with my immune system and that scares me too!!! I’m such a mess…


Hugs, hugs and another hug :sunny: and no guilt. Life marches all over us at all times thru so many situations. You just take great care of him and pray! Sending prayers for your family and hold onto any positive vibes you can!


I would add Jarrow formulas methyl B12 1000mcg because covid hypercoagulates the blood and destroys red blood cells. This leads to a system wide vitamin b12 deficiency and nerves atrophy due to a lack of B12.

What’s your blood type if you don’t mind me asking?

(Karen) #19

Peoples symptoms vary so widely. I had a terrible cough in January and February, and my lungs are a bit damaged now but that’s all. I don’t remember running a fever at all. My niece had Covid and she did lose her sense of taste/smell. Most of it has come back and of course she was in her 20s. I have a Friend who is currently in the hospital with Covid related pneumonia. He’s very overweight 3 to 400 pounds. I have the most concern for him. Speedy recovery Millie Bobby BrownFriend who is currently in the hospital with Covid related pneumonia. He’s very overweight 3 to 400 pounds. I have the most concern for him. Prayers for your Speedy recovery

(Bob M) #20

Sense of smell is a good indicator, as is blood oxygen level. Unfortunately, not perfect.

What we really need are $1 spit strips, as described in this podcast. Not sure why the US isn’t putting tons of money into these. We should have them in every school. I’d buy them myself, so our family could be more assured of not passing covid to grandma, who lives in the in-law apartment next door. Since one can be asymptomatic but shedding virus, it’s not possible to determine with much accuracy whether people are communicable.


As for your overweight friend, I wish him well.