Tested positive

(Polly) #41

Thanks for the recommendation, I will add that to the virtual pile of books to read.


Breath by Tim Winton is pretty good as well.

(Karen) #43

Dr. Gundry interviewed the author in the September 7 podcast. It is fascinating.


This may help with keeping lungs clearer while recovering. I believe COPD and Cystic Fibrosis sufferers lie prone and have their backs gently patting can move mucous from back of lungs to the front to make it easier to expel…very interesting.

(Bob M) #45

Just saw a study indicating many people who have had covid had and sometimes continue to have effects like this.

(Jane Srygley) #46

Hey all I’m doing well. I was in vacation last week and got away from keto. I’m 4 days back on track and the coughing I was starting to experience again is gone! Keto could save a lot of lives, I’m convinced. The anxiety went away a few weeks ago after I’d been back to work about a week. I was tested on 9/18 and cleared to come back to work on 9/29. I still had a lingering cough but as long as I didn’t have a fever, I was able to come out of quarantine.

(Edith) #47

Thanks for the update.

(Bob M) #48

Good news!

(KCKO, KCFO) #49

Good news, glad to hear it. Hope you hubby is doing as well. I assume you both did the vacation? Did you actually travel anywhere or just a staycation? I am really interested in how those who have had it are coping in the real world again. Forgive my noisyness.

My nephew tested positive, lives with his mom, so she provided his care, he had a light case, mostly just common flu symptoms that OTC meds kept at bay. She is in lockdown til Friday, but took a test and was negative.

(Jane Srygley) #50

It was mostly a staycation with one overnight at a B&B we trust. And yes Hubby was with me and also doing very well.

I wouldn’t trust that negative if she was his caregiver, personally. Glad he had a mild case, sounds like what we experienced.

(Bill Kieger) #51

Negative results don’t necessarily mean anything. I had a confirmed exposure, tested negative on days 2, 5, and 7 post exposure, all PCR nasal tests. Had a low grade fever for 6 hours on day 5 post exposure, no other symptoms, felt fine. 19 days after fever, strong possitive IgM and IgG antibody test…
I attribute my lack of symptoms to low insulin(LCHF 3+ years now), high normal blood VitD levels(75), and good luck… :blush:

(KCKO, KCFO) #52

Glad you had a mild case and have recovered.

Richard mentioned on the recent Keto Woman podcast that Carl still does not have his smell and taste back and he had it in March.

(Bob M) #53

Follow Dr. Unwin out of the UK on Twitter. His son got covid and 4+ months later still has POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome). Dr. Unwin was about to retire until he started treating his patient with low carb. So, I assume is son is in his 40s, but I don’t know.

This is a pretty good article on what some people (including kids) are experiencing:

(Jennibc) #54

I a curious if his son had adopted the low carb diet that he treats his patients with. Did he say? I am wondering if underlying inflammation could be playing a role in POTS.


My daughter is a 22-year old professional dancer. She got COVID in Europe when she was doing auditions there in Feb. Came home already sick and, of course, gave it to all of us. She was sick for FOUR MONTHS. She is the first person I had heard of who was a “long hauler” She finally tested negative in June. However, she now has “Post COVID Syndrome”. She’s had a myriad of debilitating symptoms for the past 6 months: extreme fatigue, brain fog, insomnia, no appetite and nausea when she eats. Always thin, she got downright scary while sick and it has taken her 6 months to put back on about 5 pounds. Thankfully, just this past few weeks she has seemed to be turning the corner. This thing is no joke. Wear the mask.


I am so sorry. Wow. I am very glad you seem to be well and your daughter is making good progress!

(You can count on me to wear the mask! :mask: :blush:)


See my other post. My 22-year old daughter said to me, just the other day, “Mom. I think that I have brain damage. I’m absolutely serious about this.” Yup.

(KCKO, KCFO) #58

Glad to hear she has turned the corner. Hope the rest of the family is doing well.

My nephew and one of my sisters, not his mother, both have had it and luckily no lingering effects have shown up. He had it in Sept. so I think he is fine. My sister, just had it earlier this month and hope she doesn’t have any long term effects.

My husband and I have stayed at home, only a few trips out of necessity, with masks and changes of clothes and showers after those. We do walk to the park daily because he is controlling T2D with diet and exercise, but we always wear our masks and make sure we give anyone around a wide berth.

Stay healthy everyone.

(John) #59

Is it possible that you actually had the antibodies before you were ever exposed. Or possible that you were exposed just before getting the fever and it had nothing to do with original exposure.

(Wendy) #60

My daughter in law. Gave is the news yesterday. She is Positive for Covid 19. Her symptoms were, sore throat, chills,fever,aches and pains. She is now staying in her room. So far her family has showed no signs. This am I went thru the drive thru Clinic for a test. We where at their house Christmas am. For a few hrs. So guess my husband and I are now in quarantine. Have watched a great presentation on the impact of vit D. Good thing my husband and I have been on keto for 2yrs. I’m hoping my test comes back Negative. And if it’s not we will be asymptomatic.:crossed_fingers: