Tested positive

(Jack Bennett) #81

My condolences on your loss, Ethan.

(Ashley) #82

I’m so sorry for your loss :heart:

(Andrea) #83

Ethan - so sorry to hear that.

(Stephanie ) #84

Im so sorry for your loss. Prayers for you and your family.


John, you have to have contracted the virus in order for your body to develop the antibodies. Please remember that some people are totally asymptomatic, even though they have COVID.

(Susan) #86

@EZB --I am so sorry for the loss of your mother, Ethan.

(Jane Srygley) #87

So, so sorry :heart::heart::heart:

(John) #88

This was my point. They were assuming it was from a certain point of contact. I was just asking if the antibodies came from being exposed at a different time thats all. I think its a valid question when we are trying to learn about this virus. If you read what I was asking about was that they had 3 negative covid test nothing about negative antibodie test. I am just saying that it is possible the low grade fever might have been coincidence and the antibodies were from a different exposure or possible unknown exposure after or even way before last negative covid test. maybe the low grade fever was coincidental I think its more probable that the antibodies were from a different exposure then 3 seperate test being inaccurate. I wish we had the actual answer because statements like those make people not trust the test. Maybe we shouldn’t but don’t know that for sure

(Marion) #89

Essex and South African more infectious variants are infecting many many young healthy people now.

(Wendy) #90

Update on my daughter in law. She is now out of isolation. Feeling good, no more symptoms. So far my son and grandkids are symptom free. Tomorrow they will be out of quarantine. Thank the Lord she has recovered. And no one else has been infected. Now they wait for the new bed!! To arrive.

(Wendy) #91

Some positive news! New bed arrived! Shes back to work. My son goes back to work monday. Looks like all is clear!! So Thankful!!:pray: