Tested positive

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So sorry you and your hubby are dealing with this. Hugs and positive thoughts coming your way. I pray you both recover quickly!

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My Brother and Sister-In-Law both had COVID-19 in late July, and they recovered using the Bartlett protocol (pdf). You can find more information here.

Obviously, the earlier the treatment, the better.

The Swiss COVID-19 protocol calls for taking Zinc and Quercetin.

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Good luck; I hope you feel better soon!


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This is unsupported by scientific evidence. Does no one understand RCTs and science anymore?

That link says the following:

Zinc/HCQ/AZ: US physicians reported an 84% decrease in hospitalization rates, a 50% decrease in mortality rates among already hospitalized patients (if treated early), and an improvement in the condition of patients within 8 to 12 hours.

This is from this study:

This is a retrospective, EPIDEMIOLOGICAL study. It proves correlation, NOT causation.

There are NO RCTs (none, zero, zilch) using HCQ that have shown a benefit. None. Let me say that again. None.

Furthermore, let’s say you did want to study three items A, B and C (eg, “zinc, low dose hydroxychloroquine, and azithromycin”) in an RCT. In order for you to do this and determine where the benefit actually lies, here are the treatment groups you need:

  1. placebo
  2. A
  3. B
  4. C
  5. A+B
  6. A+C
  7. B+C
  8. A+B+C

For instance, what if it’s zinc (say, A) alone that works? If you just study A+B+C, you can’t tell that. Unless you study all of those groups, you cannot determine what is actually beneficial and what is not.

There is ONE study beginning in AZ that is an RCT of ABC versus placebo. But, again, even if ABC shows a benefit, it is impossible to tell what part of ABC is beneficial or if you need all three. For instance, what if HCQ is actually bad for you, and you’d get a better outcome with zinc and azithromycin? You’ll never know.

For me, until there is an RCT showing any benefit to ABC, I wouldn’t touch that protocol.

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Well, I’m not a doctor, and I’m not prescribing any medical advice. This is just for educational use only. I’m not going to get into an argument here, I just think the whole HCQ issue has been over politicized.

From what I can tell, the main studies on HCQ which didn’t show any benefit, weren’t following the protocol first outlined by Dr. Zelenko (pdf), using HCQ in combination with zinc and azithromycin. Also, many of the studies included in the Solidarity trials were administering a lethal dosage of HCQ.

Here are three studies (one you linked above) that show support for using HCQ. Maybe not RCT’s but even the Henry Ford Health System had something to say about this issue.




The following is interesting because full flush Niacin may be used as a treatment.


Now that I look back to when I was infected. I remember taking 500mg of niacinamide the night before going to the hospital and it gave me tachycardia. I had the virus in my heart, went to the hospital at 4am and got kicked out after x ray tests came back negative yet my blood test immune system cell levels were through the roof. After my heart was racing for 5+ hours. I had 2 cans of sardines and then half hour later my heart stopped beating so fast and I didn’t feel infected anymore. The feeling of getting over an illness but it didn’t last because my viral load increased again when I stopped taking the niacinamide.

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I just posted on your other thread about hoping that your recovery will be better due to Keto, and I hope that it is.

I am wishing you a speedy recovery and I hope that you are able to get a lot of rest and that your partner will also be okay.

Take care, both of you!!

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Hoping for a speedy recovery for you and your husband. Is he on any medical treatments besides the supplements you are giving him?

I don’t know of anyone who tested positive who was given anything and just treated with OTC meds.

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Nope! So far he just takes Tylenol or Advil to reduce fever and vitamins daily.

A+ :disappointed_relieved: I take a B50 daily so hadn’t looked into B12, plus I eat a lot of red meat.


Jane, thank you for taking the effort to keep us updated.

I join the crowd, the community that wish you the best possible progress and recovery through the infection.

Thank you for your observations that a keto-diet has provided you with some positive outlook in your experience.

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Hi @AuntJane, how are you and your hubby doing?

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Hi I’m new to the forum. I hope I’m posting, correctly.

Jane, I had COVID at the end of July. My husband and nephew also had it. They were both asymptotic, luckily. I was sick for three weeks and then I started getting better. I still have not gotten back to my normal self. My energy level isn’t quite there, yet.

My doctor prescribed me steroids after the first 7 days of symptoms and they really seemed to help. Other than that I took OTC medications.

I hope you and your husband feel better soon. I know how scary and miserable this virus can be…

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We are still improving and overall doing really well. I still have a cough but no other physical symptoms. My anxiety is through the roof and I don’t know if that’s because of the disease itself (which I’ve heard can have psychological effects) or if it’s situational. I tend to have anxiety normally but every little thing that hits me is like O M G I CAN’T DEAL WITH THAT!!! I feel just super freaked out. Last night something very minor happened that was a little different from usual and I literally sat up, super anxious and unable to sleep for 4 hours. Just crazy! And I don’t know if you can relate, but when I’m anxious, I tend to get more impulsive… which can lead to more situations that cause anxiety… NOT HELPFUL!!!

I think not going to work this week, not knowing how things will be when I go back on Monday… still wondering about who might have been infected by my presence in the community, even with a mask… then drama with a friend online and now some family drama because I just lost my ability to stfu all of a sudden and said what I thought… Yeah. It’s been a struggle.

But overall, I’m really grateful that both Hubby and I seem to be getting through this well, especially since I know STRESS isn’t helpful!

Thanks for your support everyone :heart:

Wishing you a full recovery :heart:

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Don’t push yourself to go back too soon, if you need time you need time!

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Thanks :heart: My job is pretty chill. I sit in my own little office and make phone calls all day. I type and file… and that’s it. I miss being at work and think the disruption of my routine is a big part of the anxiety I’m experiencing.

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My wife, son, and I had a similar experience - never had a fever, per se, but had the fever-symptoms of the chills - lost taste and smell - chronic body aches, lethargy, and breathing problems - we are 4 weeks out and feeling better - I started back at the gym, lightly, and it seems to help - still suffering the after-affects…

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Hey all,

We’re both doing well. Still a bit of a cough so I keep telling him to breathe deeply as complications can still occur. Back at work yesterday. I experienced a LOT of anxiety and I honestly don’t know if it was all situational or if the virus made it worse from a neurological standpoint. I have heard of others with a similarly elevated fear response, so I don’t know.

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Had a son-in-law get it (tested positive) and he mentioned his sense of smell and taste were highly diminished but are returning.

He and one grandson had it (both tested positive in a household of 5, all the rest females that didn’t get it, and with grandson being an active 4 year old) and for both of them it was about 2 days of some fever and not feeling so good and then back to pretty much normal.

I was a little worried about son-in-law because he’s not exactly the picture of health, probably 100 pounds overweight and has sleep apnea. But even at that, I think the only reason he even got tested was because his son came home from day care with the message that one of the other kids there had tested positive.

Other than that, I still have yet to actually know anyone who had it… er… well, maybe I should say “knew they had it”. I suspect many of us have already had it and never knew it.



2000-3000mcg of B12 is useful if you guys can’t sleep or are being woken up during the night.


This is a bit random, but I’m reading Breath by James Nestor, and it sounds like “take deep breaths” and “breath deeply” is pretty much the worst advice for our lungs and our overall health. You might be able to find some blurbs about this online but the gist is that when we’re taking in less air there’s more internal pressure to get the oxygen from the bloodstream actually into the cells that need it (I’m probably butchering that explanation, but I think it’s worth looking into).

Highly recommend that book, BTW. It’s a fun and fascinating read.