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I have a teenage son who is glucose addicted and i’m subtly trying to exchange the carbage for whole food. In general going pretty well at meal times (although he wants pizza tonight) but it’s the snacking I need covered without being too different i.e. snacking on bacon he will not do. Last night he munched through 4 slices of bread which Dr Ted Naiman (I think) says is worse than sugar, due to the simplicity of the molecule.

I made some softened dates in butter with nuts mixed through, rolled into balls and coated in cacao or coconut flakes which he liked.

Can I make the keto bread without him noticing? Any other suggests I can try with the ninja approach?

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@robert I have five boys and the answer in my house is MEAT MEAT MEAT. I keep taco meat in the fridge at all times. There was almost a mutiny when I stopped buying tortillas and chips, but they got over it and now reheat in a bowl topped w cheddar and sour cream. I double most recipes so that they can have leftovers as a snack. We still have some carbage in the house because I don’t want them to grow up with the psychological food issues that I had (low fat household). The key is to fill them up w protein and then they will choose to take less of the carbage of their own volition.


Thanks Ketoberry top tip with the protein :thumbsup:

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I’ve found usefulness in making things that my daughter can grab quickly and thinks are delicious. Deviled Eggs are a winner around here. Quick grab as she gets home from school around 2:30pm. She never much liked breakfast and doesn’t eat lunch at school so she’s naturally Intermittent fasting so having this ready for her as soon as she gets home makes it easy for her to not heat up something processed or full of carbs.

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Great tip!

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That is a GREAT point I never thought of. I have always had a HUGE aversion to fat because I grew up in a low fat/no fat household that was full of carby and starchy foods. Never even really thought about how keto could potentially have the same impact (or opposite… kids go completely rogue and rebel with all the carbs!)

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Have you tried a Carlshead pizza yet? They are amazing!

Carlshead pizza recipe.

Buffalo chicken wing dip
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This crust recipe also makes a very nice crispy cracker that you can use for dipping. I add garlic and other seasonings to change it up.

To make crackers I roll it out as thin as possible. I then bake it until golden brown. Immediately upon removing from the oven I use a rotary pizza cutter to cut into cracker sized pieces. It will crisp up nicely as it cools.

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How about nuts - simple, filling and easy to grab. Nuts in shells if he’ll take the time to crack them.


Thanks @Laurie, @VoodooChum he is not a nut or egg fan (probably to drive me crazy which to be fair he is good at) will try the cracker idea @jfricke need to find some dips.

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I love Chicken hot wings dip, It is my fav and very keto.


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Thanks @devhammer.

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Love this!!! Also my approach.

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ABC= Always Be Cooking!

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Good thread and one that I could have started myself with two teenage boys who love their carbs. I do tend to have taco meat on hand for them, but of course they like it with rice and/or chips. Still better than plain carbs, I figure. I love that the community is jumping in with suggestions – this forum rocks!


Training teen-aged boys requires a powerful three-pronged approach.

  1. They can’t snack on what doesn’t exist. Purge the kitchen. Put keto snacks right on the top shelf of the fridge where they’ll see them. They’ll either have to make do or get a job, so they’ll make do.

  2. Hide the remote on a daily basis under full color glossy photos of ripped male keto athletes with articles attached about their transformation. Alternate with photos of hot female keto athletes but don’t be shocked when only the photos of the females go missing.

  3. Do not under any circumstances lecture them on the science nor bad-mouth carbs. Simply praise the hell out of them when they eat keto and ignore the other behavior. Seriously, positive feedback* is a miracle worker, especially for insecure, young humans with a cocktail of hormones shooting through their bodies like heroin on a daily basis. They are heat seeking missiles looking for validation 24/7, don’t think for a second they won’t recognize it when they find it. Yes, even during the eye rolling.

*A quick primer on #3 that’s fun to read is Amy Sutherland’s “What Shamu Taught Me About Life, Love, and Marriage: Lessons for People From Animals and Their Trainers.” Hide it in your underwear drawer under a box of tampons, it’s that powerful.

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I was trying to decide whether to post this here or in the Non-Keto victories: I have two teen sons. The younger one has always been very active and interested in eating “healthy”. My older one not so much. He’s the computer nerd of the family and would rather spend his time playing World of Warcraft while eating pizza. I started low-carb July of 2016 but being aware of the messed up messages teens get about weight and appearance from our media, I was careful to never say that I was on a “diet” or that I was making any changes at all. I kept family meals and snacks the same but I load my plate with meat, veggies butter and olive oil and snack on pepperoni and cheese without the chips or bread. I’ve lost 37lbs so far. So, last week my younger one says he wants to start eating like mom. That’s great! My older one just shook his head and walked off. But, here’s the victory part (in a round-about sort of way). I made fresh green beans with lots of bacon and bacon fat to go with a meal. My older one wrinkled his nose and said, This looks like “healthy” food. So, my victory is that both of my boys recognize healthy food as whole foods with meats and lots of fats. So, even if my older one isn’t making the best choices right now, the seed is planted in that he does see fats and meats as healthy and sugar, bread, pasta, etc as unhealthy :wink:


This certainly sounds sarcastic… at least it sounds like that to me.