TDEE calculation for weight loss

(Md Ashickur Rahman) #1

My height is 167.64 cm

weight is 79 kg

body fat parentage is 24.9%

BMR is 1501

Daily I walk 45 min continuously and do some physio exercise.

I want to do keto diet and reduce my body fat. I am stuck at calculating TDEE for my diet. Please help me to calculate my TDEE .

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What should I input in Activity field. I am confused here :fearful:

(Allie) #4

Well for me 45 mins walking would be a sedentary day.

(Laurie) #5

Yes, I would put either sedentary or light activity. Good luck!

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Here’s a link. If you google “calculate activity level,” you will find many more.

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One of the things we find on a well-formulated ketogenic diet is that the body’s hormonal response to food is more important for shedding excess stored fat than the actual number of calories we eat. If we eat in such a way as to keep insulin low, then fat is free to leave our fat cells and be metabolised. If we eat a lot of carbohydrate, the insulin response to the glucose we are eating causes much of that glucose to be converted into fatty acids and stored in the fat tissue. Fatty acids cannot leave the fat cells where they are stored unless insulin drops below a certain level.

What this means is that by eating properly, we don’t really need to know our caloric intake and expenditure, because the body has mechanisms to keep them in balance.

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Don’t put anything there. When you try to work in your physical activity it’s using it to remain stable. Let all your physical activity be your deficit and work for you. Remember figuring out what you’ll burn is an educated guess, I do 30min on an elliptical every day after I’m done lifting, it says I burn around 340cals doing that… NO, I don’t! My watch which knows my weight, age, bodyfat % and is constantly monitoring my heart rate says around 240 for that same workout which is more believable. Use the calcs as a starting point then observe and tweak as necessary.

Another thing is sometime the cals are just way off, usually they’re pretty close but sometimes like me where I screwed up my metabolism they showed that my TDEE was around 800 cals more than it actually was. It took my weight and muscle mass and assumed I followed the norm… I didn’t.
Give this one a shot

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There are many tools available on the internet which makes the work easy for you.
You can use any. Mostly are free to use.