TBH’s Alternate Day Fasting log — 120 days to freedom


I’ll be starting a 120 day challenge with adf. I am starting at a weight around 240lbs. I will updat this thread daily and use it as a tool of motivation and keeping course.



My first fast is short one. I work shift work, so I usually go to sleep extra early when I have to shift back to day shifts. I still slept two “nights” between meals.

I weighed myself and the starting weight was 239.8, which was lower than I expected.

Stand by for tonight’s calorie total. I am aiming for 4500 with 300 grams of protein.

(Alec) #3

Welcome! Your ADF plan sounds really exciting. Have you got some fasting experience under your belt already?

You are starting at the same time that I am also restarting my fasts. I am not doing ADF, but 5:2 with the 2 days fully fasted, both 36hr fasts.

Good luck, hope you meet your goals!

(Central Florida Bob ) #4

You’ve got this!

I’ve done ADFs two times, both time for six months. I found it easy to live with, once I got used to them, and I have physical issues that complicate things. (Not having a gall bladder).


Yes I have experience fasting. ADF and extended. I think the max I’ve done extended was 120 hours. I love fasting, but I am restricted to doing adf while working my job (can involve a lot of physical labor… depending on the day).

5:2 does sound like an intriguing plan. Thanks for the encouragement and good luck meeting your goals.


Thanks for the encouragement. ADF is definitely pretty manageable once you get past the “hunger stage.” To me, that’s usually the first 2 weeks or so where your body has almost insatiable hunger, and you end up over eating. It sort of balances out the fasts and you end up not losing much. I’m skipping that phase now because I was doing ADF off and on the last month and I’m still kinda in the groove, so good for me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Day 2/120 :heavy_check_mark:
Eat day (or up day I guess)

Ended up eating 4590 calories with 299 g of protein. So we’ll count that as a win.

I was waking up early to go lift weights, but my gym membership got canceled due to having to replace a credit card. Bummer. I’ll get it fixed mon or tues.

I did walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes this morning.

Started my fast at 17:23 cst.

I’m tired today but will have to take some pictures and get some measurements to compare to the upcoming results. :muscle:

(Jane) #8

Good luck!


Welcome to the forums. I like ADF and do it periodically. All the best on your long term challenge.


Thanks for the support.

Day 3/120 — #2 fast
Made it just short of 30 hours fasted. Woke up hungry so I ended up eating.
30 minutes of low intensity cardio in morning.

Day 4 AM
Weighed in at 237.4, which obviously has some water weight included in the loss. I’m going to start using a weighted average of my weight using an app.

(KCKO, KCFO) #11

How is it going?


I really picked a horrible week to start as I had a ton of family in town for a wedding and I stalled out.
I fasted once last week on Saturday. Then this week on Wednesday. Yesterday I ate almost 6500 calories, so I’ve kinda lost my “fasting momentum” with with my appetite, but I also worked out prior to a grueling 13 hour work day.
The good news is that I was around the same weight yesterday morning as I was before I fell off 237.xx.
No a little damage done in the time category.
I’m fasting today and a lot hungrier than I was before.

So to get back on track:

Day 22 Friday June 9
Fast day. AM Weight 241.6

I’ll start dedicating to daily posting again.

(KCKO, KCFO) #13

Good that you are getting back. I find some periods are good for fasting and other times, it is hard to just do a simple 14/10 window. I think it happens to most of us.

Just keep doing it and being accountable here, you’ll get it done.

(Deborah) #14

Rooting You On! You can do this!:smiley:

(Laurie) #15

Good luck getting back on track!


Thanks for the support.

I’ve been on track for the most part. I did have two days of eating due to some plans I had.

My calories had spiked after coming off that break, but my hunger has curbed lately. I want to get back to posting more often. I can feel my clothes fitting better.

(Susan) #17

Congrats, that is terrific =). Keep up the great Ketoing =).