Sweetener free fat bombs?

(Jessica Greening) #1

Anyone have any recipes for fat bombs that don’t use stevia or any other “natural” Sweetener?

(Erin Macfarland ) #2

Using natural nut butter or coconut butter gives you the slightly sweet flavor without sweetener. You can mix butter or coconut oil and almond butter, some cream cheese or coconut butter, vanilla, cinnamon…experiment! Cocoa powder, chopped nuts are good too

(Ketopia Court Jester) #3

All of them: just leave the sweetener out. Ones with spices, extracts, and citrus zests will still be flavorful.

(Sheri Knauer) #4

I have one on my computer at home that was a savory Fat Bomb using chopped egg, mayo, some salt, and rolled in crumbled bacon. I won’t be home until Sunday night and I can look for it then if you’d be interested

(Khara) #5

@GreenLady With all LC/Keto dessert/sweet recipes that I find, I just try them without the sugar substitutes - like @baconmecrazy already said. We can’t tolerate them in my house so I stopped trying to use them. Doesn’t hurt to try a recipe and and I’ve been pleasantly surprised that often the sweetener just isn’t needed. To me it would just bring the food back up to a level of sweetness I enjoyed/needed prior to low carb. I’m retraining my brain to not need such sweet stuff so I want my treats to be milder. There’s another topic on here about how everything starts to taste sweeter over time but I don’t know how to link to it. :expressionless:
You asked specifically for fat bombs so I assume you’re looking for the extra fat. My favorite dessert is a creme brûlée. Not a fat bomb but pretty fatty with lots of egg and heavy cream. It is great with fresh berries on top and if you want to brûlée it for someone else you can with a very minimal sprinkle of regular sugar on top.
Let us know if you find a good recipe!

(Khara) #6

@Sheri_Knauer The :fried_egg:and :bacon: one sounds really good.


Someone had a recipe for soft centre chocolate bombs…

I forget the details, but something like this:

Mix cream and dessicated coconut
Freeze into little spoonful balls
Cover in a low carb melted chocolate
Put in fridge for nice soft centred treat


I did
2 Tablespoons of Santa Cruz Naturals Organic Peanut Butter
1 Tablespoon Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil, melted

Mix them together pour into 4 silicone mini cupcake cups and freeze. I think the coconut oil gave them some sweetness.

(Kara) #9

I like these savory fat bombs: http://thenourishedcaveman.com/baked-brie-pecan-prosciutto-savory-fat-bomb/

(Ketopia Court Jester) #10

I also use raw cacao powder in my bombs, it has a touch of natural sweetness to it.