Sushi keto style


My goto ‘recipe’ when I fancy sushi.
I make it with raw riced cauliflower mixed with softened cream cheese which has had a little rice wine vinegar mixed through it. Makes it much easier to roll it up!

If you are dairy free i guess you could use some avocado in place of the cream cheese as a binder if you don’t mind the idea of green sushi.

This particular batch I made has prawns, cucumber and green beans in it. I would have added avocado if I’d had a ripe one on-hand.

(AnnaLeeThal) #2

This is how we do ours too! A favorite of my daughter’s. We usually eat it once a week.


Wow this looks so good! I’ll have to give it a try. I miss my nori maki!


Yep it’s really good. I took it to a ‘carby’ potluck and it got rave reviews. People were asking me for the recipe. I was taken aback with how well the idea of cauliflower sushi was received considering the rest of the food consisted of chips, crackers, pies, cakes, lollies and chocolate. The downside was I had to share lol.

(Kathy Swinkels) #5

I just found a link to no-ricesushi on Facebook that used Avocado too, it looks .

(Jan) #6

Great idea! Gotta try this soon.

(Kieny Poppen) #7

I have to try that soon, I miss my sushi!

(Mark) #8

Looks delicious

(Dean) #9

Looks awesome, I love sushi, since keto I just eat sashimi salads


Wow! Another yummy recipe I can’t wait to try! Thank you so much!

Happy New Year!

(Adrian Adamus) #11

This looks amazing! Going to have to try it very shortly!