Survey: Does Any Particular Carb Food(s) Challenge Your Resolve to Eat Keto?

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In another topic I made the following comment:

I ‘gave up’ lots of fav carb foods and didn’t miss them a bit. Still don’t.

Which elicited the following response:

You are in the minority, as in the <<<<<< 1% minority. :wink:

So my question is: Am I really in such a small minority? Do 99+% of you really have one or more ‘problem carb’ foods you find difficult to avoid?

I’m not asking for an expansive list of your personal food issues. All I want is a simple yes/no. I have one or more difficult carb foods. Or, no I don’t have any difficult carb foods. You can define ‘difficult’ to suit.

Let the survey commence! Thanks.

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I gave them all up and have no interest in them at all now.


Yes and No.

I HAD difficult carb foods.

Now I do not because my eating plan corrected that for me. I have no desire to say yes anymore, now I say No to all carbs.

(Virginia) #8


A lot of that stuff doesn’t even seem to register as food in my brain anymore.

(Tracy) #9

No. Since I haven’t had a single bite of a high-carb food in about 18 months, there’s nothing at this point that will cause me succumb to temptation.

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Don’t know.

(bulkbiker) #12

No … think I have finally beaten the addictions apart from coffee with cream but carbs are minimal!




The carbs that are intrinsic in coffee are a problem.

(Alex ) #15

Depends on what’s going on with me emotionally.

If I get over-stressed (especially from work), my defences become incredibly weak and my alcohol and carb cravings drive my decision making process to the wall.

Usually if I can’t control that process, its crisps, vodka,sweets, usually followed on by full on binge of anything available.

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NO. Period.



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