Summer 2023 exercise journal & and yack thread

(Denise) #1

Time to start a sort of exercise journal, I’m on a roll and the weather is cooperating!!

First, for 2 whole days now I’ve done floor exercises that @Pete_A and @Pjam taught me and my abs are good and sore but I am loving them. Next, the wind has calmed 3 days in a row counting today so I’m walking at our beach drive, loving that! Today I will try my walk and the gym because I want to keep up the upper body work I’ve been doing.

Lots of you know that when you are doing weights you can start to see muscles you are missing and that’s what’s happening for me. Then I start looking for the machines or free-weight (pullies etc.) that hit those muscles as well.

I hope others will chime in here to share their routines, things they’ve learned about exercise, and successes, especially folks that have a long way to go like myself but anyone at all I and others can pick up ideas from. I feel so good this a.m. it’s hard for me to remember I am 70, but it is just a number, I’m becoming a believer.

Heck, maybe we can even encourage @PaulL to exercise every time he thinks about it, instead of laying down until the thought passes :crazy_face:


I am at the point where I start trying to make 3 full body workout per week happen, I really need the volume… But I use good exercises now, I watched a lot of videos and these were called really good by the coaches I trust enough on YT.
I stopped all outdoor activities, it’s hot summer, I just can’t go for walks anymore. But I plan to wake up earlier and go out then, I need my walks.

Even with my too few exercises per week, I am slowly progressing :slight_smile:
I am still fat and the only muscles where I see any progress is my biceps :slight_smile: That’s good as it’s the most important for me.

We bought a stationary bike some months ago so I use that too but 800m is my limit, I get overheated (and it was before summer). But it is something.

My running plans have no chance now except when I can run downhill on a proper surface during my walks, that is irresistible.

Good luck for everyone who train their body! :slight_smile:

(Denise) #3

When I lived inland (home-town) I couldn’t do my walks mid-day at all, and I either had to go early a.m. or late evening :wink: I think 3 times a week workout is great! I can hardly believe a couple of the guys got me doing floor exercises and wow, that’s the most sore any of my muscles have been lately. I just do 5 different types, and the only one I do where I “move” instead of just “hold the pose” is the bicycle crunch, love that one! I’m holding on the others to the count of 25, and sometimes I have to count faster :joy:

If you like working your arms, try planking, wow, who would’a thought :wink: Great for triceps!

(Karen) #4

Never too old to start working out. Well done … and glad to hear you’re enjoying it. I do think that diversity and variety is what will keep you intersted.

(Denise) #5

I think so too @Karen18 on keeping me interested with variety!! I met 2 ladies my age walking at our beach drive this a.m. and both are active, one goes to my gym at a different time so I hadn’t met her yet, both retired like me and inviting me to bbq’s with meat @pjam and @SomeGuy :meat_on_bone::cut_of_meat:

(Robin) #6

That’s awesome! :grin:

(Denise) #7

I really didn’t think it would be so great since the Sun still hadn’t come out (and never did) but I went anyway, so glad I did!

I even made a video, short one, and was doing ok until a German Shepherd photo-bombed me by taking a dump right in front of me. I think he saw me and planned the whole thing. I’m trying to fix it with an editor now but I didn’t have much else on there anyway. Next time maybe I can give you guys a tour of our beach :roll_eyes:

(Robin) #8

Dang!… don’t edit the pooping dog out! That would be hilarious!

(Denise) #9

Maybe after dinner I’ll give it a go :wink:

(Karen) #10

:100: percent agree :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #11

Yeah, keep the poop. … though I may also WATCH after dinner lol

(Denise) #12

Ok, I tried to clean up this video, well, not literally or I would have taken the pooping dog out. I don’t know if you guys will even be able to see it unless you can zoom the video large enough.

I was trying to film some very cool rock formations but they didn’t even show up once I uploaded the video. I was just using my phone so I’ll just show you what I see when I zoom it on my PC. I tried a video editor but failed, so hereyago:

Wait for it!

Might have given you the wrong link, if so, try this one:

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #13

Brilliant … Love the coast. I once loved by the sea :blush:
Must admit thats a really nice spot you live near. Be a shame not to get out there.

(Denise) #14

I get out there, whenever the wind slows down I’ve been making it down there. Planned to go today but a friend is coming into town to pick up some things from storage for his recent move to Oregon. Depending how long he stays, I might get down there again today, we’ll see.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #15

I just did a Virtual Tour of the area … drove down the coast road and saw your Islands. :grin:
It’s as close to a real visit as I can get lol

(Denise) #16

Oh good, I’m sure you saw pictures in good weather, and the Sanctuary is pretty neat if you have some binoculars. You can see a lot :wink:

here’s one of what I was trying to capture :wink: although the fog was in.

(Denise) #17

We’ve also got plenty of tide-pools and eventually, I’ll try and get some close ups of anything I might find in one :wink:

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #18

Beautiful … and totally alien to me! Love it.
Later I could take the dog for a walk (poop bags at the ready) along the River Thames … a very different experience.

(Denise) #19

Still doing my morning floor exercises but I might need to change away from the bicycles because my neck is either sore in the muscle, or it could be my allergies too.

Today is going to be low winds again, day 3, or is it 4 now!! I wish the Sun would shine but when it does, it seems the wind comes up too. Yesterday we had a little drizzle, very little so if it does it again I’ll just go to the gym.

I added in leg-lifts for abs, and going to look for another exercise to try too. Here’s what I’m doing so far:

Hold all for count of 25
Leg lifts
Downward facing dog
Hip thrust
bicycle crunch (have to decide on this one)

Ok, I’m going to add in the Bird Dog one @Pete_A, had to go back and look at your list to find another. I really like the holding/isometric way of doing these. It’s been a challenge for me to hold for 25 on some of the exercises, but I’ve done it.

(Pete A) #20

I love the bird dog. Funny I notice how much easier on one side- no wobbling.

Working through that!

Nice job. You sound motivated.