Summer 2023 exercise journal & and yack thread

(Pete A) #21

The challenge is the point.:slight_smile: Why not?

(Pete A) #22

might need to change away from the bicycles because my neck is either sore in the muscle

You can do less, or slower or add a short head roll exercise etc.

Don’t give up!

(Denise) #23

my sides are not equally balanced either, but they are way better now that I’ve been at the gym for over a year. As far as the floor exercises you’ve taught me, I’ll try the Bird Dog today and see how wobbly I am :wink: I know I will be on that. Did I mention somewhere that the planks are amazing for my abs and triceps I think are also being worked, in a good way I hope :wink:

Yes, if there’s no challenge for me then I know I need to work harder :wink: I see folks at the gym wasting their time but they don’t know it evidently. I don’t want to do that which reminds me, I can already add some weight. I wish there were some smaller increments with some things I do down there.

(Denise) #24

I just don’t like pulling or lifting up on my neck with hands?? I was diagnosed years ago with Cervical Dystonia but that is mostly gone, if I ever really had it:roll_eyes::thinking:

(Denise) #25

Oh brother, and sister, I can hardly do the Bird dogs!! I was so wobbly, and maybe if I was lucky, I held for about the count of 5, but I couldn’t even count I was trying so hard to balance. I didn’t quit to, kept “striking the pose” and staying there as long as I could. Hope to see that get easier/better for me. Must be good, could really feel my front quads the most!!

I’m headed for the gym to do more down there, ttyl you all later :wink: denise

(Pete A) #26

Work through that wobble! That’s where the gold is.

Nice job.

(Denise) #27

Will do Pete :wink: Balance is super important so I’m glad I’ve got one that demands that to succeed!