Sugar in fruit juice may raise risk of cancer, study finds


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Say it ain’t so😳


Sugary drinks associated with increased risk of Cancer!
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My grand daughter I only gave her formula, then water when I can choose. She likes my unsweetened Silk vanilla almond milk, and sometimes an auntie or her mom give her a bit of juice, or pop… but I try to keep her on water mostly. She doesn’t like milk, never has, but she loves cheese and yogourt, so gets her calcium from them and broccoli.


This is a ‘correlation doesn’t equal causation’ observation but when I was younger (back in the 1970s and 80s), my uncle used to drink a bag of fresh oranges a day for many, many years as he thought it was super healthy.

Eventually he died of liver cancer in his mid 40s.

Now as I said, that’s not saying all that orange juice caused it, but it sure as hell didn’t safeguard him from getting cancer either.

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I wouldn’t get too excited about this. Until proven otherwise, it appears to be yet another one of these:


amwassil- I agree that sometimes we are definitely quick to analyse, criticise and mock articles that claim to debunk keto and our ideologies but we take as gospel any articles that supports our cause.

Human nature, I guess. But it’s good to be reminded that we need to have unbiased, critical thinking no matter where our support lies.


Yep, the methodology of association is only the first step for formulating a hypothesis. I think this hypothesis is a good one to follow up. Someone who knows a lot about sugar and cancer is Dr. Seyfried. Even he states that, while sugar is the worst thing you can ingest if you already have cancer, it doesn’t necessarily mean avoiding sugar will ensure you don’t get cancer in the first place.

Me, I’m hedging my bets by eliminating sugar and adding some fasting. :grin: