Sugar Free Eggnog?

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I was elated to hear on the 2 Keto Dudes podcast that light rums have zero to a few carbs (depending on the brand). It’s been a family tradition to drink eggnog on Thanksgiving and around the holidays. But this year, I’m prepared to abstain if I don’t find a sugar free eggnog. If I do find one, I can happy sip some eggnog with Bacardi light rum while everyone swig on the sugary eggnog with So Co.

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I was raised Baptist, so to me egg nog is supposed to be without, not with, lol!

Of course, the problem with most Baptists is that we are highly unlikely to say hello to anyone we run into at the liquor store. . . . :grin:

(Baptists also don’t approve of sex while standing up . . . it might lead to dancing!)

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My mom makes homemade eggnog. I am going to ask her to keep a little on the side without sugar. I am sure it will be delish. But the rum sounds great too🤔

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I used to LOVE Christian Brothers Eggnog. I used to sing a little ditty when I poured a glass… :notes:"festive-holiday-nog." :notes:

But now I’m skinny, so the breakup is totes worth it, lol.

(Bob M) #5

We get some locally made Eggnog that has no alcohol (which we add), but which really isn’t too bad in carbs (bottle not marked with nutrition info, though). If anyone has a good recipe, though, for a low-carb Eggnog, I’m for trying that instead.

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Man, I wish I knew how to make eggnog. Then I can make my own.

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Sometimes we drink eggnog sans alcohol. Especially is someone from church drops by to visit.

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The Joy of Cooking has an easy eggnog recipe, which can easily be made keto with your favorite non-caloric sweetener. The major concern with home-made eggnog, however, is the risk of salmonellosis from uncooked commercially produced eggs. If you trust your local egg farmer, however, . . . .

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what if your a Bapticostal?

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hmm… can homemade eggnog be made with egg yolk powder thats been pasteurized? now im going to go google

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"I’m a-gonna sing when the Spirit says sing . . . " and eat keto when the Spirit says eat keto! :grin:

(And, praise the Lord, that’s all the time!)


Just use your favorite sweetener

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Looks good, but “light” cream? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I made my own last year and will do so again this Advent. The recipe is LCHF-friendly. You can watch my mad mixing skills at the link below. I used bourbon instead of rum. I plan to buy something better than the cheapest bourbon this time. Just don’t tell my wife. :wink:

The recipe:

(Bob M) #15

You might also try a rye. To be “bourbon”, I believe it has to be less than 50% rye (or maybe 51+% corn…I forget). Anyway, you can have a “rye” whisky that is basically a bourbon with 51% rye.

I had a nicer bourbon and a nicer rye, and I think my wife and I both liked the rye better for eggnog.

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The differences between rye and bourbon:

(Heather Meyer) #17

I present… NOG!!
I couldnt help myself… after reading the thread i had to go make some… Here is the recipe i crafted.

You need:

3 tbsp egg yolk powder
12 oz Heavy Cream
8 oz Unsweetned cashew milk or Coconut or Almond Milk (depends on taste preference)
1/2 tsp vanilla extract if using non-vanilla flavoured nut milk OR 1/4 tsp if its pre-flavoured
4 oz cold water
3/4 tsp nutmeg
1/2 tsp cinnamon
sprinkle of ground cloves
Pinch of salt
1/4 cup of sweetner such as Allulose or Powdered Xylitol or Powdered E
Liquid sweetner drops to equal 1/8 cup sweetness
Use another 1/4 cup powdered sweetner

Put into blender and blend for 2 minutes.
Serve in favorite martini glass with a pinch of nutmeg sprinkled on top

**Substitutions - you can use heavy cream ratio of 1:1 for water but your carbs will be higher and so will your fat. I would expect a slightly less thicker egg nog using raw egg yolks in which case adding a pinch of gluccomanan or xanthem gum may help

My Stats based off my ingridents and Senza app

Per 1 Cup serving
356 calories - think fat bomb drink
3 Net carbs
5 Protein
37 grams of Fat!!

I think this might be once in a while as opposed to every day but definitly delicious Egg Nog…The closest ive come to without using the cook method.

(Michelle) #18

Bourbon is actually very economical. While no one bats an eye at spending $10 on a bottle of wine, a $75 bottle of Woodford Reserve is a little harder to buy. But it’s 1.75L, or 59 oz. If a drink contains 1.5 oz, that is $1.90 per drink. That is cheaper per drink than wine! We are worth it!
We have a bottle of Woodford because we had a friend over who drinks it. However, we drink Jim Beam Black or Jim’s Beam Devil’s Cut. It’s delicious. Nothing like white label. And it’s $40, which comes to $1 a drink!!

(Daisy) #19

As a Baptist I approve this message :joy:

We had dancing at our wedding reception and the pastors wife was so excited to come because she knew we were having dancing and no alcohol and really wanted to dance. Her husband got lost on the way and they never made it :woman_facepalming:

(Heather Meyer) #20

Nom Nom Nom… i lied… i drank 2 glasses of Nog today! :yum: Way too good to stop at 1.