Sugar Cravings - just need some support

(Elizabeth ) #1

I have accidentally reactivated my old sugar cravings. I ate too many carbs on holiday and I’ve been feeling a little discouraged about various things in life recently. In my heart, I really don’t want sugar, but the cravings are hitting HARD.

I am not sure how to get past these cravings again. I hate them! I’m thinking I should up my fat and protein - maybe that will help.

(Susan) #2

This might be a good help for a few days Elizabeth. When I was on a stall I did this and it helped move things. I know that it is a different situation then you are having with the sugar but it might make you feel more satiated and help was all I was thinking.

If you try and keep the carbs at the 20 grams or less and maybe eat a bit extra salt? I find that when I am hungry (and I have seen on here seems to help some people with sugar cravings) that it seems to take the edge and cravings away.

Best wishes sorting this, Elizabeth and getting back on track =)). Hugs =).

(Kristen Ann) #3

I will stuff myself so full of fat and protein that I can’t cheat even if I want to. After a couple days, the cravings go away and everything goes back to normal.

(April Harkness) #4

As a former binger…i get it. I view sugar as heroin, alcohol, and cocaine, etc. I will read, listen to podcasts, etc about addicts and addiction( weirdly this helps me power through)…talk to my bf who is a recovering alcoholic. It helps cement that sugar is a drug to me. For now this keeps me on the straight and narrow

(Failed) #5

1 rounded teapoon of inositol powder along with a couple of capsules of choline bitartrate several times a day works for me,

(Elizabeth ) #6

Thanks, everybody! I’m feeling good today and positive about being back on track. The cravings are quieting down a bit. I have to remember this feeling - it should make sugar a lot less tempting!

(Marianne) #7

I’d return to three meals a day with lots of good fats until it subsides (bacon, eggs, sausage, mayo, hamburger, if you eat leaner meat, mix it with may or add bacon fat). This helped me tremendously with my carb and sugar cravings. You do that for a week or so, and you won’t want to eat as often. I don’t think the solution is white knuckling it or depriving yourself. Keto is great that way.

(Susan) #8

That is great, Elizabeth =). Take care and have a nice vacation home with your parents before you have to go back!

(Elizabeth ) #9

Thanks! I’m actually back in Japan…returning is what set me off - felt a little sad and my body was a little messed up from travel and readjusting to normal life.

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #10

You actually can have all the sugar you want on this diet, tomorrow—just not today. Remember that even the worst addict in the world can go 24 hours without her drug.

I haven’t sworn off sugar for ever—that would send me to the nearest Dunkin’ Donuts (don’t worry, I’ll give you all a chance to buy stock, first!). Instead, I just don’t have sugar right now. It also helps that the stronger my leptin signaling gets, the clearer it is just what the difference is between hunger and a craving. I never knew that before.

Hang in there!