Such a stinking pile of total BS

(Carolus Holman) #1

No where does it speak to sugar. This sounds suspiciously like big sugar.

(Karen) #2

Again with Harvard. They, seriously, can be ignored. They put stuff out for mainstream media, wait. . . .They can be ignored as well!


(TJ Borden) #3

I always get a kick out of taking the time to click the embedded reference links. Especially when it suggests the link is to definitive proof, only to find it’s just another article with a similar theme. No science, no actual studies, just someone’s thoughts, presented as established facts.

(Carolus Holman) #4

I am on a mobile so researching is hard, thanks!

(Trish) #5

I’m not going to argue against the potential benefits of a vegetarian diet for some people or the fact that veggies are for sure nutrient dense foods, but I will say that I know several unhealthy, fat vegetarians who proudly state their vegetarianism while eating a veggie burger and fries with a bucket of pop and an apple pie followed closely by their metformin, statin, and Lasix. I’m just sayin’…

(Ethan) #6

I’d say a lot more animal lives would be saved than a third, but that’s not what this propagandist means.

(Leslie) #7

I saw this!
I knew immedialty it was propaganda from the monster.
It’s really too bad that this crap is not illegal

(charlie3) #8

A large amount of land on the planet can be used to graze animals but is not good enouh for row crops. That’s one of the reasons farmers raise animals. The primary benefit of this plant based proposal is probably the presumption that all the processed food would somehow disappear. A low carb diet might prolong life even better than plant based but the author doesn’t consider that.

(Randy) #9

So let’s see if I’ve got this.

Going from this: (the picture in the article)

To a vegitarian diet could reduce deaths???

You don’t say.

(Carolus Holman) #10

I agree, though these studies favor the anti -meat crowd, then neglect to mention all the real effects of this type of diet, on the environment. If people didnt eat meat those animal species would be extinct!


They meant those healthy vegetarian food, not this… Heh

(Troy) #12

They sure are busy over there😂
This was from today

“and having a diet rich in items such as fruit, vegetables and whole grains and low in red meat, saturated fats and sugar.” :flushed:

(Rob) #13

What did they do with the other 23hrs 55 minutes of the day. Talk about basic AND crap!

(Mother of Puppies ) #14

Their strategy is going to be to deny everything and delay the total destruction of the processed foods industry as long as possible.

To admit the truth is to put 80% of the products in grocery stores out of production.

We’re literally going to have to grassroots it all (or a lot of) the way.

Look for them to employ extremely dirty tricks.

(Brian) #15

It makes me wonder, how can a person share a personal experience of what eating keto did for them and come under threat of legal action for giving dietary advice and yet we have these “articles”, sometimes even from big names such as “Harvard”, that seem to spout this crap nearly daily and seem to have no consequences or repercussions whatsoever?

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, I think.

(Trish) #16

I read that one in our paper yesterday too. I’m happy to hear though that with a good bmi(getting there) and exercise, no smoking and drinking only in moderation and of course my healthy (keto) diet I will live to at least 93. Yay me! :smiley:

(Jeanne Wagner) #17

My doctor, who (claimed to, anyway) faithfully followed the Hallelujah Diet plan for decades just died of a 2nd heart attack he had within a decade of the first one. It’s very, very sad. When you think you are eating the right way, and come to find out, maybe you aren’t after all. He cared so much about his patients, and he did help many diabetics reverse their diabetes, and obese people lose a lot of weight. He knew I was keto and didn’t try to dissuade me, although I knew he wished I went back to the HD - which I tried a decade ago and failed miserably because … wait for it… not enough fats! I was hungry every couple of hours, all the time, because of the heavy carb load - yes and it was all whole foods. And I really do love meat. We are definitely all different in how our bodies react to foods. Isn’t that so strange how big the differences can be? But we are. Some people thrive on a veggie-saur diet. I know I’m a meat-&-fat-a-saur. >:>

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(traci simpson) #19

and potato salad and cake.

(Ellenor Bjornsdottir (spare me thy resistant starch spiel)) #20

But… but… sugar is vegan! /s

This whole article is basically veganism.