Success Story about falling off the wagon with Lockdown

(John Puckett) #1

So, about 5 years ago, I hit 235, which is the largest I had ever been. I was military, but hurt my back horribly. I was prediabetic. I used my back as an excuse to not move much and used my depression as an excuse to eat all the ■■■■ that I shouldn’t. I had a buddy introduce me to Keto. I did 2 weeks of research before jumping in. over the next 2 years, I did lazy keto and got down to 195, but my norm was 205. Then my life got stressful. We were moving homes. Covid had us on lock-down. Plus family issues. So, I used these stessors as an excuse to go back to SAD (standard american diet), and i ate all the little debbies and chips i wanted. So, in Feb of 21 I was back in the 230s. Again, I was depressed and feeling horrible. 1 Mar 21 I went back on Keto without the mindset of cheating. And 13 Aug I hit back to 195. I’m staying with this, and for me, this is my lifestyle. I just wanted to share this, after catching up on the podcast coming back, and encourage anyone, you can make the change any day. I will say that what helped me, is that I stopped trying to convince anyone else that this lifestyle works. I didn’t have an option in my mind to cheat. I saw the potato chips/ice cream/bread/ect as nasty ■■■■ that just isn’t an option for me any more. I also try to get outside most days and get some sun. Being active and getting some sun on your skin (natural vit D!) helped my mental state more than I can express. Good luck in everyone getting back on the wagon, and you can do this!

(Laurie) #2

Good for you! Thank you for telling us about it.

(Robin) #3

Thanks, we need those good stories. It’s never too late! You got this.

(John Puckett) #4

still want about 10-20 more pounds down, but I always keep in mind that weight is one factor. Over all better health is so much more important than the number on the scale, but loosing fat still feels really nice!

(UsedToBeT2D) #5

You have seen the light. KCKO!
The lighter you.

(Jane) #6

Good for you! :clap:

(Ivy) #7

I think one of the reasons someone might cheat is that they choose food over the urge to convince someone to become or approve of keto. Yes, we can, and yes, even after cheat meal, as it only sets us back a few days, if only once.