Store employee LIED to us!

(Shayne) #1

My daughter and I were in a “high end” grocery store last weekend and one of the items on our list was lard. We searched high and low for it and could not find it.

She asked an employee of the meat department about it and he told her that the USDA classified lard as “inedible” and we’d be unable to find it anywhere.

I thought to myself, surely someone on the ketogenic forums would have reported if the USDA had made such a classification… and I hadn’t read anything like that here.

We went to the “lower end” grocery store on our way home and checked in their Hispanic section and not only did we find it there, but they had a LOT of it. I bought two 3lb pails of it. I may have even convinced the cashier to start using it when I told her it was better than Crisco!

If you don’t carry something, just say so. Don’t lie to me about it.

(Georgia) #2

That is so sad. I agree they should have told you they don’t carry it (for whatever reason). Making up a lie is just inexcusable.

(Sophie) #3

That reminds me of a high end grocery store that I go to occasionally. We get a special imported mushroom brie there from Germany. Well, they quit carrying it. I asked someone and they told us that it was only a “seasonal” thing. We laughed and said it sure as hell isn’t “seasonal” in Germany because you can find it everywhere and year round! Some people just find it easier to lie than to tell the truth. My Ex was like that, hence ex. :roll_eyes:


In today’s society there is not an answer of “no” - they have to give you something that lays the reasoning upon someone else’s shoulder.

Otherwise they might get a negative review or sued.

(Sophie) #5

I swear this happened to me Again at Aldi’s yesterday!

I’m looking all over for Red Wine Vinegar! Nowhere to be seen so I ask the cashier as I’m checking out…

Me: Have you guys quit carrying Red Wine Vinegar?
Her: That’s a Seasonal Item
Me: That’s ridiculous, I’ve been buying it here for YEARS.
Her: Next week, we’ll begin carrying over 9,000 new Items
Me: :expressionless:

I gave up. It wasn’t worth it. :roll_eyes: Hubby thought it was hilarious. I call it the Art of Saying Nothing. But I did find out that Aldis will begin carrying lots of new stuff!

(Sarah ) #6

Be careful because most commercially available lard is hydrogenated


Yeah… If she wasn’t lying about that too!!

(Chris - #8

You sure they weren’t confused and thinking about Crisco?

(Sophie) #9

Ya know, I thought about asking her what her name was because if I come in next week and see that vinegar on the shelves I would contact her regional manager to let her know but I really didn’t feel like being a total bitch yesterday. The thing that gets my goat it that as a customer it’s better for business to tell me…oh, we’re out of stock and we have a truck coming in blah blah, so potentially I’d come back to check for it. Instead, of giving me an obvious bunch of BS and alienating me and my money. And if you don’t know something friggin ASK because in the end you just look like more of an ignoramus! :roll_eyes:

(Stan Brooks) #10

Hanlan’s Razor.
Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

(Darlene Horsley) #11

This entire thread reminds me of my recent hunt for “Diet” Mug Root beer. Ingles (grocery store here) told me they weren’t allowed to sell it! Yessiree, told me that while there was plenty of regular Mug Root beer on their shelves.

(Sophie) #12

Ummmm, that reeks of total Bullshit! Nine times outta ten, I’d have asked to see a manager on that depending on the day, but then again, my temperature is gettin short these days for stupidity, lies or willful ignorance, take your pick. God help me, I’m turning into a grumpy old woman! :smile:

(Darlene Horsley) #13

Me too Sophie. Oh they told me this after my initial request with the manager to order it and 6 weeks later still didn’t have it.

(Diane) #14

Me too! God help us all!


:policeman:Next they will be lying about carbs. I’d put the sirens on for that one.


What an extraordinary tall tale he told lol

Walmart also sell it in pails. Doesn’t even need refrigerating


A certain high end grocery store recently purchased by a certain online retailer has had issues with keeping anything in stock. Right before the acquisition they decided to switch to a new inventory management system that was mean to reduce inventory and spoilage. Now they can’t keep anything in stock, and the employees hate it too.

(Hyperbole- it’s the best thing in the universe! ) #18

The lie may not have been the individual worker’s. It could be what they were taught. And it may have been based on a misunderstanding.

(Running from stupidity) #19

Even if they did actually lie and weren’t just badly informed, why is this surprising?

(Ethan) #20

It may not be a lie. The employee could be repeateding incorrect information. I was looking for a privacy screen for a computer monitor at CompUSA in the 90s. I asked an employee to locate it for me, and he said, “only the CIA can buy them.” I went to Office Depot and got one instead.