Store employee LIED to us!

(Janet) #21

Most of the lard in Hispanic stores is hydrogenated and adulterated. Means no better than canola oil and the other bad fats like Crisco. If that is a concern for you. Read the labels for the word hydrogenated. Maybe more rural stores have pastured animal rendering like lard and tallow but I live in rural area with several Hispanic stores and all the same- hydrogenated. I.e. Bad lard. Farmers markets are a good place to get the real stuff if local farm meats are available. That’s where I get mine.

(Doug) #22

Not true as stated, but it can be true - there it essentially means “uninspected;” says so right in the Code of Federal Regulations.

So if the pig carcass was not inspected, then the lard can’t legally be offered for sale for human consumption (I assume like the rest of the pig).

(Shayne) #23

I’ve been in that store many times looking for it and they just don’t carry it. So when I want it, I go to the lower end grocery store that’s actually closer to my house.

(Shayne) #24

You’re thinking about partially hydrogenated vegetable oils which are full of trans fats.

Lard is FULLY hydrogenated and contains zero trans fats. It’s not the same thing as Crisco.


I KNOW who you are talking about! :rofl:

I only shop there for certain items that I don’t need to buy often.


That’s hilarious! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

@Janet2, that’s really good to know re lard.

(Janet) #27

The ones in my Hispanic stores say partially hydrogenated. I looked. :grin: that’s why we have to check everything always. Been paleo/keto since 2011.


I go there about once a year. It’s the closest thing I get to a vacation.

(Keto Kid 4 Life) #29

I’ve run into the same type of scenarios at the high end grocery stores near me. It seems their corporate offices deem these things as unhealthy. I even got laughed at during one of my quests for pork rinds. :roll_eyes:

(Shayne) #30

OMG - the same store doesn’t carry pork rinds, either… but potato chips are perfectly fine, I guess.

(in case anyone is wondering, I’m not talking about the high end store that was purchased by the online retailer - this is a regional high end store owned by the Kroger Corp).

(Keto Kid 4 Life) #31

Yeah! I love how hypocritical they can be, by carrying “veggie” chips because the oil they use is supposed to be good for us. I run into this problem dealing with the main two high end stores. Our local high end store is a little bit better, but it’s a bit of a ride to get there. I watch the 2 Keto Dudes on You Tube a lot and it seems that health care professionals and food vendors are still afraid to buy into the Keto science.

(Bunny) #32

…or partially hydrogenated trans fats

What I cook with, reasonably priced too!

Open Kettle Non-hydrogenated Lard: Our lard is composed of pork fat from pasture raised, hormone and antibiotic free animals. Our non-hydrogenated Leaf Lard is the highest grade of lard available for an excellent neutral-flavored cooking fat. It contains no BHT, no water, no preservatives and is gluten Free.

(Wendy) #33

I am glad to hear it. I will have to check at a farmers market sometime.


I dont think its that they didn’t carry it as much as they wanted to talk you out of buying it…

(Shayne) #35

Nope. They literally do not carry it. I have scoured every shelf in the place, including the refrigerated section, and it’s not there.

One of the other stores carries it with the oils & shortenings and one carries it in the “Hispanic” section, but this one does not have it in either of those places.

(Daisy) #36

I went in the farm supply store looking for heated water bottles for my rabbits. I asked the guy and he insisted over and over that they didn’t carry it, even after my insistence that I bought them there last year. Finally I walked every aisle until I found it, then took it to him and showed him. I contribute it to laziness more than malice or even ignorance. He didn’t want to look for it. :face_with_monocle:

(Kristin T ) #37

Oh, thank you for posting this. That high-end grocery store is the closest one to me, and while the benefits offered by being a member of that certain online retailer’s membership program have saved me mucho $$'s on meat at that high-end grocery store since the acquisition, it’s become very difficult to count on being able to find many of the other items on a regular basis that I used to buy there. I thought it was just the particular location I was going to, or perhaps just really bad luck. Good to know.

(Edith) #38

If I am correct in thinking who that high-end grocer is, then I tried getting lard there about six months ago. No one I spoke to even knew what lard was. It seemed very strange to me at the time, but I realize now that young people growing up with the low fat, vegetable oil era probably have no idea about animal fats.

I have to admit, I am 52. I did not know what beef tallow was until I started keto.

(Carl Keller) #39

I bet the employee was vegan. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Janet) #40

It it is probably hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated. Not natural and no better than canola or crisco . You need lard from pastured animals. I think Thrive online carries real natural lard and beef tallow. I looked at the lard at local Hispanic and it’s the same. Not the lard our grandmothers used at all.