Stop loosing weight after 4 weeks

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I started keto diet with 75,6kg
Droped to 72kg in 4 weeks
But now it is stuck and dont seem to be able to reduce more weight.
My objective is to reach 66kg

What should I do?


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Exactly what you have been doing. Stalls happen. They can be indicative of nothing more than your body adjusting to your new normal. Just stay the course and trust. Pay more attention to how you feel, how your clothes fit, etc.
It’s hard to be patient. Sometimes it’s most hard when we have been watching the pounds drop steadily. I believe our bodies need to ‘stall” when there is other repair work going on.


COULD just be a normal stall, which happens, but you could also be eating too much OR you could be eating way too little and your RMR slowed down, which probably isn’t the case in only 4 weeks, but long term it happens. Eating a higher fat typically higher protein diet fills you up and many start under eating without realizing it.

I’d start tracking what you eat and watch the trends. Many here aren’t fans of either tracking or weighing yourself, but it’s the only way to see trends happening in progress vs just guessing.

How tall are you? Your goal is pretty light, at least to me. I’m only 5’9" and I’d look horribly malnourished at that weight.

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A ketogenic diet is first and foremost a diet for metabolic healing. Fat loss is a pleasant side effect, if we have fat to shed.

In general, however, fat loss is never a linear process. There will be ups, downs, and plateaus. Also, in our view, having been keto for only four weeks is nothing, and certainly not long enough to be a stall. If your weight plateaus for a couple of months, then we can start talking about stalls.

Also, please be aware that the people who lost large amounts quickly on keto had large amounts to lose. And the last 10 kg always come off much more slowly than the first 100.

Furthermore, 72 kg is a good weight. I have shrunk a bit, but when I was 180 cm (5’11") tall and weighed 70.5 kg (155 lbs.), I looked great. My ex, who was only 170 cm tall, also looked good at that weight. So unless you are very much shorter, your body may not wish to lose any more fat.


long term, for life…all losses will come in the weight dept cause you won’t ever be off this eating plan cause your body now ‘has to catch up’ on the water weight and more it had to dump and change, but now it needs metabolism heal repair time, it needs good solid natural foods for healing and it ‘needs time’ to catch up :slight_smile:

for life, no hurry, you will get there, key being know it is for life.

how one loses the lbs is how one must eat thru life til the grave to keep them all off…not a doom, a healthy eating plan long term is the only way for all success :slight_smile:

in it for a minute? or in it for life? kinda thing, your goal will come :slight_smile:


And a big part of your lost is water, almost surely…

More important things may happen.
You may eat too much to lose fat (not necessarily a bad thing, maybe your body needs the food to do something important for your health).
And so on.

I would stick to keto, wait until fat adaptation and see if that helps. It may. I automatically started to eat less for a while then. I lost nothing on keto in the first 2 months as I ate at maintenance level just like before. (I didn’t lose any even later as I never learned how to eat little enough but I changed a lot, got benefits when I changed the style of my keto as it wasn’t really good in the beginning and I am sure I know how to lose fat now. I just like to do things easy and my body likes having some extra fat. I don’t but I have more important things while keep trying to follow my own rules.)

It probably would be very different if you had more fat to lose as it was the case for me (I lost fat with much more carbs very easily but it stopped at some point) but you have very little to lose and as I wrote, maybe your body has something more important to do then losing fat for mostly/purely aesthetical reasons (I have maybe 20kg to lose and my body things it’s just perfect. I could force it but I don’t do such things and my body would get revenge… nope, let’s do it naturally, smoothly even if it takes some more years).

So, for now, you probably shouldn’t do much. Unless you force-feed fat (or not but eat it needlessly) or something…
Maybe write about your food intake? And experiment? Are you tracking? I learned a lot about what satiates me and what not and just balloons my calories through tracking. Like, carbs make me hungry. Even on keto. Going lower (at least with the wrong types. carbs from my meat and eggs never seemed to pose a problem) helped a bit. I need to focus on my fat intake too especially added fat or too fatty meat. But certain protein sources are non-satiating too so I avoid them in bigger amounts or alone. These are very individual. Some people eat a ton of cream in coffee and well, for me cream in coffee is tasty (the best) but not satiating at all especially if I don’t even consume them at meals.

But it’s for later or if you are really inpatient, getting used to keto long term is the most important thing I think.

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I dont seem to be doing much differently.

I started eating 1/3 of a carrot as a miss fruit.

But other than that…

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I am short, only 1,73m

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Thanks for all the great advise


That’s only an inch below me, and I’m 220lbs/100kg. Don’t let just weight on the scale determine stuff, take your measurements into consideration. Muscle mass and body composition are more important than weight alone.


The “ideal” weight for 173cm may be 60kg (or a bit lower, actually… my SO is 176cm with very muscular thighs and he isn’t dry at all at 63kg. when he was younger, he slimmed down to 56kg, he lose fat from his belly the last and looks no good with an otherwise light weight) or 100kg, obviously muscles and build matter (and personal taste to some extent. some people want to be quite lean, others are fine some little extra fat).


Maybe you need to change the way you eat. You can also fast gradually and try to fast for 3 days and you’ll see more results. Trust me!