Still failing at keto

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LMAO. I’ve heard this. Apparently different brands vary in taste.

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I know you have. It was from me. :grin::smile:

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I was 138.4 lbs this morning. At 6ft, I’m pretty lean. I could probably wing it from here. Instead, I just bought a Keto Mojo. Not only do I see myself tracking food for the foreseeable future, I’m also planning on stabbing myself multiple times a week and tracking that. :joy::rofl:

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I don’t balance out protein and fat that way. That’s not how I keto.

This is how I Keto:
I eat moderate protein, which is .6 grams of protein per pound of lean body mass.
I’m 5’7" and have an LBM of 135.
I eat low carb. For me that means less than 20 grams net carbohydrate a day. Many times I shoot for 5 net.
And then there’s fat. This is where I don’t ever measure. I have figured out and teach others satiety. I eat fat to satiety at every meal.
That’s how I Keto.
Low carb, moderate protein, fat to satiety.
I keep it very simple and have managed to reverse my diabetes and help countless others do the same.

In the beginning I used to count macros and do the pie charts and everything. I found out for me that’s just not necessary. I basically count my carbohydrates everyday in my head and keep track that way. But I’ve been doing this so long I just kind of know how much of everything I can eat in a day. Protein has to be kept in check occasionally. It really does end up being a piece of meat about the size of the palm of my hand that I need each day. 8 to 10 ounces.
I have a big hand. Lol

The most important thing I’ve learned in the last five years it is to do what works for you. We are all so very different. There are some basics that are the same such as biological processes in our body as human beings, but the way each body responds can be very different.

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I lost the weight I wanted by just cutting carbs. Then I started looking for structure to follow and I found Keto (first I found the Atkins induction phase actually).
Since everyone is different, even though I really like math, I find the .x g protein per X g LBM things off putting.

Not necessary for me, but I’ve found I crave tracking. The structure it provides helps my whackadoodle brain.

EXACTLY! :grin:

No “rules”, just some good guidelines to follow. This is how I Keto. I don’t suggest any beginners do anything but limit carbs. I can only imagine how maddening what I do could be for newbies.

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Yeah I don’t blame you. The reason I do it is because protein still raises insulin. About half as much as carbohydrates do. So for those who are or were severely obese or type 2 diabetic, keeping our insulin as low as possible is important. But at the same time we don’t want to lose Lean mass! Lean mass must be safeguarded. There are a lot of differing opinions on the amount of protein we need to maintain or build lean mass, but this amount has worked for me as I checked it with bookend dexa scans.

That’s why everybody is so different, correct? I need to worry about spiking insulin with everything in my life. It’s also another reason I rarely use artificial sweeteners because they all raise insulin.
I find it interesting the way everyone sets up their program is such a way that it works for them. Have you ever seen my post?

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My HSA covers body scans so eventually I’ll plan on getting one. Maybe try to make it an annual, or semi-annual thing.

Yes. I’ve been sent this by people who eat fruit. “There are no rules to Keto”. Maybe not, but there are guidelines. And fruit does not fit into those guidelines (other than berries in limited quantities).

I was sent this from someone else doing “modified Keto”. Which I think was just the SAD, but they said they were doing Keto. I like to say I’ve been doing a carbohydrate fast for the last two years. :smile:

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It does kinda depend on what and how much. For those who go by a “if it fits your macros” way of eating, a little forbidden fruit can happen. The operative word, though, is “little”.

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Yep, and how precious your carb intake is. I’ll pass up on nature’s candy to keep my carbs as low as possible.

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Sorry for the apparent chastisement you received early on. Please don’t take it personally. I often share Zimoon’s frustration with newcomers’ asking the same things over and over. It can feel that a lot of people just jump into a ketogenic diet without reading enough to understand what they are getting into.

Something to bear in mind that I haven’t seen posted yet is that you are still in the process of adapting to fat burning. Give yourself at least another month. Also, be sure to eat enough; on short rations the body hangs on grimly to its fat stores, in order to get safely through the famine. Weight loss, paradoxically, requires giving the body abundant calories. Trust that it has ways of putting all that energy to good use.

Also, the process is different for women, and if you search around these forums, you will see lots of comforting advice all over the place. Good luck, and keto on! :bacon:

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Then they didn’t read my post. They missed this part, which is very ignorant for them to miss:
The only criteria is to remain in a state of ketosis
Second paragraph, first sentence.

And I doubt with a SAD diet or large amounts of fruit they are remaining in ketosis. I suppose they don’t even check. If what they’re doing is working for them great, but they’re probably not doing keto. They are fooling themselves. Or maybe they want to call what they’re doing Keto because it may be working for them, but I can guarantee you when the carbs get to a certain range you can no longer be ketogenic. For some people that’s higher than others of course.

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I’m a little confused, because the Meijer’s pork rinds data you posted show that they are 58% fat, and 42% protein. I’m not sure why you consider that high protein, low fat, when the majority of the calories are coming from fat.

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Some of us count grams, not percentages.


That seems like very little food, period. I can try it.


YES! Contrary to public opinion I actually did quite a bit of homework prior to starting this. That does not really lessen the confusiobn - especially with so much conflicting information. I rely heavily on this forum, god bless you all.


OK, this seems SO MUCH EASIER for me!


what kind of fat do you eat?

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The proper kinds.
. . .

Okay I’m just being a smartass.

I eat fatty meats, I eat eggs bacon and sausage, I especially love lamb breast and pork belly, I eat butter and ghee and avocado oil and olive oil. I eat things like mayonnaise and very fatty cheese like Brie. I eat an avocado daily.

This is where I get most of my fat. I also get a lot of fat in sauces that I make such as hollandaise, bearnaise, beurre blanc, Alfredo.

I also love to deep fry vegetables in pork lard or beef Tallow or lamb tallow. I make pork rind pancakes (look this up in the recipe section), and I bread things with pork rinds occasionally. This adds a lot of fat too.
I eat fatty fish such as salmon whenever I can.

I also use coconut oil and eat nuts which are very fatty.

And don’t forget heavy cream. I have been known to put several tablespoons in a cup of coffee


That sounds amazing! But it also Sounds full of protein which everyone here is telling me I need to cut back on. This is why I get so confused.

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What sounds full of protein? My list of fats? I actually moderate my protein quite a bit if you were talking about my foods.
If you weren’t, never mind. Yes you’re going to find a lot of conflicting information. The best thing to do is find a source that you trust and go with that. I trust the information of my employer Dr. Jason Fung and Megan Ramos at Intensive Dietary Management (, the information my friends Carl Franklin and Richard Morris ( put out (they made this forum), and the information on the diet doctor site.

Remember, research is always changing and new science is being learned. 2KetoDudes, IDM and Diet Doctor realize this and will change their recommendations accordingly