Still failing at keto

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Although I agree @Zimon ’s response may have been a little harsh, she went back and edited her post after he said it. She did not include it originally.



Thank you so much - for the support and the great advice! I’m down for cutting protein but how do I do that as [most fat is protein]*…even fat bombs! I’m allergic to coffee and have never heard of the options you mentioned. Can you pm me some links maybe?

As I stated in another reply, I am a full time college student and can’t do much about my schedule currently. I’m genetically prone to insomnia, I have been my entire life, done the medical route and live in a studio apt now so again, options limited. I do what I can there.

Thanks again!!!

  • Apperantly this comment is causing some confusion for those that can’t read this entire thread to get the context. Let me catch you up. I am told I need to cut protein and add fat. I am asking how to add fat and not protein as most of the replies I get are “bacon” etc = PROTEIN. This statement did pull some great non-protein options so - thank you!

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@Karen at Keto Science Alliance might be able to help you out


LOVE the hacking comment!


I did go back and edit to add my info but that seemed only to inflame the German so moot point anyway. Thank you so much for providing a reality check.


Thank you I will check it out

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Do you track (MFP, cronometer, etc.)? Could you give a daily breakdown of what you eat?


Thank you for the encouragement. Some clothes feel a little Loser. I will try not to panic :slight_smile:


Beef, eggs, chicken, cheese and fat bombs. Some cauliflower and broccoli when I can. Pork rinds on finals week. Avocados. I track in chronometer.

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What kind of chicken? Skin on thighs are better than breasts. What’s in your fat bombs that is so high in protein? What are you cooking your eggs in? If it’s not bacon grease or butter, I’d suggest cooking them in bacon grease or butter. Pork rinds are basically protein and no fat.

You can make high fat cheese sauces for your veggies…and meat. You can add butter to your veggies…and meat. Any salads? If so, you can make an easy vinaigrette with olive oil to up the fat.

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Sorry you are struggling. It is a good way to eat and recover your metabolism and some times it takes a long time so try not to get too discouraged. The thing with keto is that it is not just for weight loss. It does so much more to improve health.

I also wanted to chime in on the sleep issue. I have had periods in my life where sleep was pretty poor. The things that have helped (a lot) are…

5mg. sublingual melatonin before bed
darkened room (no digital light like a cell phone) face mask can be useful
no notifications at night
quiet room (ear plugs can do this if you don’t have control)
NO ruminating! Force other thoughts. This takes practice

I hope there is something in there that helps. Good quality sleep is so important. Best wishes.


I generally eat a whole rotisserie chicken over a few days.I try to cook everything in coconut oil. Fat bombs are coconut oil, cream cheese or almond butter based. I do use vinagrette when I make a salad, usually in restaurants. Are there higher fat cheeses I should use or something?


I have tried melatonin without success…not sublingual though which is better. Where do you get those?

I try to follow that in my studio apartment as best as possible. Thank you!!

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PM sent :fist_right:

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She edited the first post. Don’t comment on things you didn’t follow…

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I get sublingual melatonin at Costco. It is cheapest there but not expensive by any means at any drugstore. It is a suppliment that did not work for me in the initial stages. I have read that we can actually be deficient so take it for at least 6 wks. before you decide it isn’t doing anything for you.

I have never used fat bombs but think most contain some kind of a.s. which may encourage me to overdo it. The sweet taste is something I guard against. I do think keto tea might be good if you drink tea. Basically tea with extra fats added in the form of hwc, butter and or coconut oil.

I think you do best to pick fattier cuts of meats like dark chicken, regular ground meats, eggs are great. Avocados again are great (I see you are including them). Vinaigrettes are great but maybe make them with a bit more oil than vinegar rather than equal. Easy ranch is mayo, sour cream and a tbsp. of pickle juice. Throw in a few herbs.

A few of my favorite keto foods:
regular ground meats
cheese (no low fat - always pick the ones with the highest fat - they also taste best)
deli meats like salami
sausages (watch to unwanted fillers and sugar)

I think your stress level is a factor and if you can look for ways to decrease it, it will serve you well.

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Oh and btw, you are NOT failing at keto because you are eating better for your long term health. AND you are not giving up!!!

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Based? Almond butter can be high”ish” in protein. What else is in them? Coconut oil is pure fat, and full fat cream cheese is very low protein compared to fat content.

What type of vinagriette? Balsamic is fairly high in sugar content. Most premade dressings are high in sugar content.

Before I cut out dairy, I believe Colby jack and cheddar were pretty high in fat. Still a good amount of protein, but I remember choosing these because of higher fat to protein ratios.

Instead of the rotisserie chicken, I’d go for the family pack of skin on thighs.


LOVE the ranch suggestion!!! That is happening today! Got this avocado mayo at costco i might be able to use too!

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I would advise YOU to not comment on things YOU don’t know. Your response to this person was irritable and condescending.