Stevia - Is it Causing Problems!


After several trials of stopping and starting Stevia, in many different forms (I even made my own from organic dried leaves that I summered with water to make syrup), I have finally quit for good. I can not tolerate any of the other non-nutritive sweeteners at all. I get hypoglycemic and other GI and neuro symptoms, plus rebound cravings. I am keto (11 months now) to keep insulin as low as possible, and it just became glaringly apparent that I have an insulin surge with any sweeteners. Stevia was the lasts to go. I never reacted to it like any of the other sweeteners, so I hung on to it longer…but in all honesty, it was the cravings and a little demon voice inside that I wanted to be finally rid of. Stevia kept me hooked on stuff that I want to let go of, like sweet treats of any kind. I have come a long way in not wanting it in my coffee or matcha tea. I have actually found that a bit of coconut milk is sweet enough for me now. I add spices like cinnamon or cardamom to my warm drinks and love it and really don’t miss the sweetness of Stevia. I am shocked as I write this. I have really found an enormous freedom in giving up ALL sweeteners. There is no more dialogue in my head about “Should I? Will I? Can I?” Phew! More time to go out and PLAY!! I have had to really work on my food “issues” since going Keto. Just switching to this WOE alone really cleaned up so much for me, but this level of finally releasing Stevia (and any sweeteners) has brought my insight to a whole new level. I have had to cultivate tools that work with craving and addiction. It is not a matter of learning anymore WHAT or WHEN to eat. Instead I am now looking into the WHY, and it is extremely illuminating and freeing (and difficult at times!)

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Well done I wish I could do that. I can cut it down, maybe one day out.


I love your thoughtful and insightful comments on this subject. I think, for some and i am one of those people, anything that excites the sweet taste receptors whether organic or artificial causes cravings not just for sweet but for food in general. It screws up the appetite mechanism. I believe the studies on the “hunger hormones” ghrelin and leptin provide an explanation for this phenomena. I only eat once a day now for a two hour window because eating makes me want to eat whereas paradoxically not eating reduces my appetite. I know cravings and appetite are also stimulated by the insulin blood sugar interaction

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I do not care for the aftertaste. It triggers things I supertaste. It is noticeable in small amounts… :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:


I think artificial sweeteners are not good.They all stimulate insulin and many give diarhea,have bad aftertaste or get destroyed by heat.

I say,use normal sugars like sucrose,honey & maple syrup,just use small amount and not on daily basis.The 50g daily carb limit is small,but you can fit inside 5-10g sugar once a week no problem,probably not for those that are diabetic or on cut,but ok for the rest.


Then if I mixed the artificial/natural sweeteners with fat?

Yes, those sweeteners are without carbs, so no calories, but there are fat, so there are still calories.

Or, how about forcing through the hunger? as in, I force myself through it, KEEP telling myself that I HAVE JUST EATEN, BODY, SO PLEASE SHUT THE F*** UP.

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Funny…I’m doing what you’re doing and I’m gaining weight…sometimes I go 2-3 days on just water and coffee with heavy cream. My one daily meal will be maybe steak, pork or a chicken thigh with skin and broccoli with butter. I know I’m in Ketosis…ketones in my urine tested by the lab. I’m 5’6”…just don’t get it. BTW, I do not really get hungry. When I’m alone (often) I usually don’t eat.

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Are you gaining fat or muscle? Some people, when they start eating ketogenically, find that their body adds lean tissue and increases bone density. This can happen even while the body is shedding fat, and it means that people can find their clothing getting looser even while gaining weight.

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“Erythritol did not increase serum levels of glucose or insulin, while the same dose of glucose increased rapidly glucose and insulin levels within 30 min. Erythritol did not induce any significant effects on serum levels of total cholesterol, triacylglycerol, free fatty acids, Na, K and Cl. Also, urinary Na, K and Cl were not affected by erythritol ingestion. Serum levels of erythritol reached the maximum concentration of 426.5 +/- 113.4 micrograms/ml at 30 min and declined to 13.5 +/- 3.2 micrograms/ml at 24 h. Total urinary excretion of erythritol was 85.8 +/- 4.6% for 24 h and 90.3 +/- 4.5% for 48 h, respectively.”