Stevia - Is it Causing Problems!

(Cheryl Hall) #21

I certainly drank lots of diet soda in the past thinking I was doing a good thing. And yes, I was fat and sick.:heart::heart:


Fair point.

And as I said, they tested sugar-burners, not ketonians.

(Dr. Emily Franklin ) #23

I have seen a significant blood glucose drop (indicating an elevated insulin response) in myself and several of my patients after consuming stevia (as well as all the other “natural” noncaloric and/or low glycemic sweeteners such as erythritol, xylitol, monk fruit (luo han guo), Truvia, Better Than Sugar, etc.) So my feeling is that if one is really concerned about repairing their insulin sensitivity and are willing to forgo all sweeteners, they’ll get better results. BUT, compliance is definitely an issue for many. Better to use these sweeteners and make slower progress than not do keto at all and make minimal or no progress!!

(David) #25

I saw this in the paper today.

I also heard similar information backed up in this podcast about Stevia

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(David) #26

From the podcast:
“When your tastebuds taste sugar then the signals in your body set the digestive tract to prepare for an income of glucose sugar calories. But, when those calories don’t come it causes stresses on the system, because the hormones that have been released have no glucose to work on. One of the consequences of this is an intensity in hunger and food cravings, so when you eat any kind of sugar substitutes it is actually going to stimulate hunger so you eat more calories.”

(Nick) #27

The podcast was a scaremongering disgrace. If you believe it, then you should also believe Ancel Keys and his whole lipid-hypothesis-caravan that followed, because the abuse of science to squeeze out a puritanical point is no different!

Basically, if this podcast convinced you to fear Stevia, you should also fear saturated fat. Same evidential deal!

(Solomom A) #28

I have seen a few threads on Artificial Sweeteners here, didn’t know Sweeteners could be that emotive. Can we keep it as a Scientific debate/discussion?

(Annie ) #29

And also people who reach for artificial sweeteners may also be following a low fat diet.

(Nick) #30

Studies suggest they very often are.

(What The Fast?!) #31

Same!! It’s definitely a mental thing for me - instead of kicking the dessert habit, it’s just replacing it with something else. It made it harder for me to determine real hunger. I’m about 2 weeks off sweeteners and it’s definitely getting better.


More interesting science on Stevia:
This study is using rats…wish they had more human studies.

It is concluded that stevia acts on pancreatic tissue to elevate the insulin level and exerts beneficial anti-hyperglycemic effects through the PPARγ-dependent mechanism and stevia’s antioxidant properties.

(Nick) #33

All sorts of things can provoke insulin when prodded directly onto pancreatic tissue, including fats, ketones, salts and esters. Not particularly enlightening or revelatory that Stevia is one of them, frankly!

(What The Fast?!) #34

A note about Stevia.
I cut it out completely for a few months and recently added it back. I’ve had it a few days this week and can say definitively that for me, it causes me to be super sleepy! I’ve read about the hypoglycemic effects it can have and I’m guessing that’s exactly what happens when I have it. I was drinking 1/3 a can of Stevia soda (Zevia) and just minutes later, had an overwhelming urge to take a nap! I’ve tested it several times and thats been my n=1.


I had to stop stevia because i have stopped and started stevia 3 times now each time become addicted to it even when i was eating the leaves instead of the processed powder. Every week, i would consume greater and greater quantities. I had to stop because each time after about 2 weeks of use, i began having balance issues and also my muscles were tightening up and spasming. Something neurological? I can’t eat ANTHING that stimulates my sweet receptors because i get cravings that increase over time. I must stay at 20 grams of carbs or below or i run into craving issues. So it’s grassfed beef, some pork rinds, eggs, olives amd a small amount of cheese, every day no deviation, however, i don’t get bored with this regimen probably because i eat once day and am really ready to eat and be grateful for what is in front of me. I find it to be very satisfying.

(Tom Seest) #36

Congratulations on being self aware enough to notice these trends. You may need to retest the sensitivity (if you have the desire) in a couple of years, because these types of things can change over time.

In my case, my wife is the sweetest thing in my life…


I had to give up Stevia. I have rosacea and eczema and apparently stevia can be a trigger. It has something to do with ragweed allergies (which I have). Anywho, I gave it up and my skin cleared up A LOT and I have less inflammation (my bad knee does not hurt as much anymore). Ok, the stevia and knee pain may be a coincidence, but there is a lot of evidence to support the eczema/rosacea thing.

(Vincent Hall) #38

Interesting, I use Stevia and have eczema and it’s not really changed for the better whilst on keto, although asthma was much improved. Ive tried giving up the sweeteners but just don’t like my hot drinks and shakes without them.


it definitely was not easy especially considering that before keto I used 2 teaspoons of sugar in my coffee. I did the stevia thing for quite a while but after reading about the eczema/rosacea connection, I gave it up. I can do without the stevia now, but I still use heavy cream. I have been using less and less and I hope to get to black coffee soon since dairy is not great for eczema/rosacea either.

(Brian) #40

I really think there is a big n=1 factor with various artificial sweeteners. Some people react very badly to stevia, some have almost no reaction. Same with erythritol. Some people can eat eggplant, some can’t. Some people can eat strawberries, some can’t.

If artificial sweeteners are a problem for you, don’t use them. If you can use them without issue, great.

I’m fortunate that I can use stevia, erythritol, and a little xylitol without problems, IN SMALL AMOUNTS!! I don’t try to add huge amounts of any of them to anything. A tiny bit of flavoring is what I’m after and that’s all.

(Vincent Hall) #41

Indeed Brian.
I’ve done glucose tests in the past and it appeared that it didn’t affect my blood sugar much, but I’m wondering if the sweetened drinks are prompting me to go for more.

I used to make keto replacements for cakes, fat bombs, desserts etc, but I realised they just make me want to eat them more often. So aside from my Almond milk chocolate shake I have I don’t do desserts or fat bombs etc. I do still have 90%/95% dark chocolate daily but seem to be able to control that one, especially the 95% (from Lidl France)