Starving yourself on keto is stupid

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Its only day 8 for me and i have a LOT to learn. I was serving myself the same amounts an anorexic would eat. I woje up in the night starving. My body would not let me sleep. So I had to get up and have a few dill cucumbers with a bit of salami and brie. Then once full (it didn’t take long) I could sleep again. So I’m now making sure i eat until im comfortably full. If I starve myself so friggin early on, I will go insane and probably crave carbs and quit. So I’m now making sure I’m full so I can keep doing and enjoying this lifestyle.Calories can kiss my arse.

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This is a great lifestyle, and there is no reason to restrict calories. I’m glad you figured it out for yourself. :slightly_smiling_face:. Keep going!

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It’s thanks to all you guys. Your information has literally helped me so much xxx

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I agree when hungry, eat! I had to snack a lot in the beginning now not as much. Your appetite will naturally suppress over time but even if you get into a good routine of intermittent fasting there will just be days you are hungrier than others and you should always listen to your body.


I ate a ton of meat when I started. Whenever food crossed my mind, I ate some meat. I got some of that pre-cooked bacon, and I fried up a bunch of burgers and sausage patties and kept that in the fridge. When I wanted food, I’d throw a burger or patty topped with bacon in the micro for a minute and eat it, sometimes top it with mayo. Sometimes wrapped it in a leaf of lettuce. Fast and convenient and hits the hunger spot. As time went on, I found I was thinking about food less and less, because I was actually satisfied.


Love it.

This is a key situation for many and they don’t see it.

If on a ‘plan’ then eat the friggin’ food allowed on that plan. As much as you need at all times to help you combat the cravings, help one change the healing of the body and more.

Eating on plan foods is wonderful :slight_smile: I started carnivore and ate so much it was crazy. Not once did I not eat or ‘try to restrict’ or ‘cut kcals’ or anything because of my ‘old diet baggage’ I brought with me into this new way of life.

Drop the old baggage diet myths, eat the on plan food we know we can, as much as we need at all times to set this WOE plan into long term lifestyle change…once we get that hold, we can thrive.

but the beginning is hard as heck for a lot of us, but with eating the on plan foods so we are full, happy, loving this way of eating, than we can thrive further on it.

Loved your post!!!

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Thankyou :joy:. I was eating so little for the first 7 days that tonight when i had a normal sized dinner i was SO full. Its really weird but i dont crave carbs at all. I guess im so determined to get healthier in everyway that a pizza or a kfc burger just aint worth all the heartache of feeling like absolute shit.

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Saying that, I still (eating as much as I needed) could only get to 1300 calories. Not that I’m counting the stupid things, just saw on my carb tracker (Not that it’s totally accurate anyway). But I kept my carbs down to 4 grams. So that’s what counts xx

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My intro to the keto world started with the documentary “The magic pill” after channel surfing. I did some reading and decided I want to try this. My first breakfast was a piece of bacon, sausage patty (leave grease in the pan) add butter, add two eggs whipped with heavy whipping cream, scrambled add cheddar cheese. Enjoy! I have a nice lunch and dinner too. I laugh at calorie counting. BTW I have eaten this same low cal breakfast every day for 18 months.


That’s it! Eat for you, happy as a lark and limit those carbs and find your eating style in it all that works for you and you can never go wrong. You got a smart head on your shoulders and learned real fast this is ALL ABOUT YOU and what it truly takes for you to thrive. Great!!
and yea, drop the kcal crap HAHA but yea I tracked some and when I saw like 3,300 kcals for the day on carnivore, and the next day I whooshed off like 2 lbs I was like…ok, duh I get it. Eat and be happy and let nature take its course cause ‘all the time I controlled’ me to the absolute macro and kcal and ‘whatever’ I failed…heck this way it worked LOL (Just my experience on this, just saying)

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The beauty of keto is that you can eat hearty, delicious meals that satisfy until your next one (or all night), and you don’t have to count calories. I have never been on a “diet” (I don’t like to think of keto as a diet), for as long, that was as easy as keto, and where I didn’t have to deprive myself and incorporate exercise (unless I want to).

(Anne) #12

I am fairly new as well. I am 5’ 4" and weigh 156lb. I want to get down to 135-140ish. I have been struggling because I did the macros calculator and it says for me to lose weigh I need 1205 calories 69g protein, 94gfat and of course 20g or under carbs. I have no problems keeping my carbs low. I am like others in love with sugar and anything chocolate but I have good will power and don’t feel the need to eat those wonderfully delicious Lintdor Chocolates in my pantry. Do I think about them from time to time? Yes, but I easily put them out of my mind. As for protein, I love to eat 2 eggs in the morning and 2 pieces of bacon. I seem lost after that. Either I don’t eat enough food or eat too much. Can anyone help me. I like to eat chicken thighs for supper but not sure how many and if I should eat chicken for lunch too as it brings my calories up so high. I really want to lose weight. Not in a sprint way but in a marathon. I love eating this way and it will be a forever thing for me. Can anyone give me some advice. I don’t know if I’m doing things right

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Just cut the carbs. Eat all the fat and protein you need not to feel hungry. OK to feel hungry before a meal, that’s just the signal it’s time to eat. Not OK to feel hungry all/most of the time. That’s the highway to failure.


You absolutely will! You also run the very real risk of slowing your metabolism down, and you sure as hell don’t want that while you have weight to loose… or at all!

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Wow, that’s impressive. Your breakfast is about what I eat in a day. But I’m not trying to restrict, I do have about 1300 calories a day ( I don’t count them but they show up on my carb counting app) I’m a chick and only very short though so I probably don’t need as much. Last night, I had a good helping of minced beef with a tiny bit of lettuce and some cheese and sour cream. I was SO full that it kept me going for 17 hours. I love how you can eat yummy food on this diet. Feels like we are not missing out.

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I only eat 1300 calories a day but I eat until im full and put lots of good fats in. I’m only 5 ft 3. That’s not starving is it?? I hope not. I certainly don’t feel starved. Xx

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I totally get where your coming from. It’s SO hard to keep calories low on this lifestyle. As there’s calories in good fats. I too want to lose weight and all those macro calculations confuse and annoy me. I only eat on average 6 grams of carbs a day but the protein and calorie thing is very annoying. If we end up too hungry, it will be too hard to stay on the lifestyle. Stuff the calories and just cut out the carbs and sugar. That’s what I’m doing.

(Anne) #18

Sounds good to me. Lol. What time is a good time to stop drinking water before bed. I find I can keep drinking at night and I’m sure registers on the scale but… Also is eating late a bad idea? I know some people snack at night but I try not to.

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I tend to stop drinking water a few hours before bed. I drink a bit after dinner then I’m done. Otherwise I’ll be on the loo all night :joy:. Just eat a big filling dinner and it should hold you through the night. I made the mistake of eating a tiny dinner and then my body woke me up hungry 5 hours later. That said, it’s early days so just eat when your body is hungry. We want to become fat adapted so fuel it. That’s the advice I’ve been given. We will learn as we go on. God there’s so much to learn hey!! It’s like keto school. Just keep it simple. Focus on your carbs being low and just enjoy good whole foods. I’m on day 9 so it’s very early days but this forum has helped so much. Good luck on your journey, you’ve got this. Xxx

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Once I’m used to keto and fat adapted I am seriously considering going carnivore. Xx