Starting Zero Carb Trial

(Empress of the Unexpected) #81

Cutting dairy leads to weight loss, at least in my case. Keep us posted!

(George) #82

I hope so! I don’t really consume too much dairy on a daily basis, well at least I don’t think I do (for example, heavy cream in coffee a few times per week, or 1/3 cup of feta or Parmesan daily with dinner, etc.), so hopefully that plus cutting out vegs makes a difference.

(George) #83

Only thing I’m not sure of is if I should eliminate butter. I only use about 2-3 tbsp/day.

(Empress of the Unexpected) #84

I only lasted ten days dairy free but I did eliminate butter as well. I would probably eliminate it, at least for the first week or so.

(Empress of the Unexpected) #85

Are you starting all this today? How long are you doing it for?

(George) #86

Yes, starting today. Initially the idea was just for a week, but I’ll probably stretch it to 2 weeks or longer, unless I see some bad results on the scale at the end of the week.

(Edith) #87

Halfway into my third week:

I am missing cooking. One of the things I have really enjoyed about keto is having fun making delicious keto recipes. For me, it’s been one of the keto perks.

Today, as I was buying my daughters some broccoli to go with tonight’s ribeye, I felt sad that I wasn’t making something more involved.

It’s ironic since just a week or so ago, I was extolling the virtues of only having to cook meat. Eating really is social. It is even bothering me that my husband and I are not sharing in the same meals as our daughters.

Other than the mental problems, I feel like my body is slowly adapting to meat only. Digestion is improving. I think my taste buds are changing, as well. This morning I ate a few raspberries. They were beautiful, red, and nice and ripe. My girls thought they were delicious. My tastebuds said, “Meh.”

(Edith) #88

So… I have a strange observation.

My husband who decided to show his support and eat keto carnivore is not over weight, but he snores when he sleeps on his back. I just give him a little nudge, and he rolls over on his side and the snoring stops.

I realized this morning that he hasn’t snored since he started eating meat only. Interesting. :thinking:

(Ilana Rose) #89

This happened to my husband when he went keto but I I think it had more to do with weight loss. Has your husband lost any weight since going Carnivore? Even a few pounds?

(Chris - #90

So cool.

(Bob M) #91

This is why macros are idiotic. I have been low carb/keto for 5.5 years and have no idea how much of anything I eat. NONE. I also am not worried about protein. At all.

Like you, I’m thinking of trying a carnivore diet for a while. Right now, I’m about 90% or maybe 95% carnivore, but will eat some vegetables sometimes. I also still eat some dairy, although dairy is like eggs for me, sometimes I eat a lot, sometimes I eat none. And I’m one who LIKES liver, heart, kidney. I eat these at least once a month or more.

(Edith) #92

No, he is 5’9” and weights about 150 pounds. He does have a flatter abdomen, but he said no weight loss.

(Ilana Rose) #93

Interesting. My husband was 5’10 and 150ish lbs when we started keto around 143 lbs his snoring stops, if he adds a couple of pounds they come back.

(Edith) #94

Yeah, not an organ meat fan. But, I don’t mind liverwurst so I eat a slice or two every few days to get my vitamin A. I’m also making bone broth whenever I have enough bones saved up. I may try grinding up some liver into my ground beef when I make hamburgers. A small enough amount I would imagine will not really change the taste. It doesn’t seem to take much liver to get a fair bit of vitamins A, B12, and whatever else it is rich in.

(hottie turned hag) #95

@VirginiaEdie may go to mucus production (now decreased) in airway secondary to inflammatory processes.



I have counted nary a macro, cal nor ketone since commencing Aug 2017

(Edith) #96

I will have to ask him if he’s noticed anything different in mucous production.

Years ago when we first me, his sinuses were always stuffed. When he switched to lactose free milk that went away. I haven’t known him to have any trouble with that since the switch. He is still having dairy with the keto carnivore. I’ll check, though.

Once I mentioned the no snoring to him, he realized that he is not waking up with a dry mouth. There could be something to the less inflammation hypothesis.

(hottie turned hag) #97

@VirginiaEdie it mayn’t be noticeable to him; not enough to stuff sinuses but enough to cause congestion when asleep and lying down vs upright; the lack of dry mouth supports this as he was prob opening mouth to breathe when more congested and snoring :nose:

(Edith) #98

So, I am finishing up my fourth week of keto carnivore.

My husband has lost not only his snoring, but now his love handles. I lost a few pounds my first week, but now my weight is staying the same. I wouldn’t mind a few more pounds of fat loss, but I can be happy with my current weight.

My joints are still feeling better.

My bowels are doing better. I have had some normal BMs the past few days and I’m back to once or twice a day instead for four or more. It’s funny: it took my digestive tract almost four weeks to adapt and my husband had no issues at all.

A downside just within the past few days is that my desire to “cheat” has increased. I ate a few tortilla chips (my huge weakness) the other day and a few nuts yesterday. I know that’s not much, but I didn’t have that desire at all previously. Maybe I’m just not eating enough.

Now that my month trial is just about finished, what am I going to do?

I started this trial to help re-lose the pounds I had gained over the past several months. I was not expecting the other benefits that I received: the improved joints, particularly my back, improved exercise recovery, looking less bloated, and improved ability to intermittent fast. I consider my husband’s lack of snoring also a benefit for me. :sleeping: :grinning:

I do like to look a things from an evolutionary perspective as well, and I’ve read a lot of Dr. Georgia Ede’s blog about the possible lack of benefit from vegetables. I may eventually add in a few fruits and nuts here and there, but not to the same extent I was before the trial.

(Edith) #99

Well, I’m still going on with the trial. This is week five. One of my daughters graduated from high school this week. On graduation day, I did enjoy myself with some fruit, guacamole, and a few tortilla chips (my bigtime weakness.) I felt fine the next day, so seemingly no harm done. In fact, my bowel movements were better following the plant foods.

I’m still enjoying the benefits previously mentioned. At this point there are no new NSVs, but I do have a side effect (at least I’m pretty sure it’s a side effect) that is pretty annoying. The number of hot flashes and nights sweats I get has tripled maybe quadrupled since I started the trial. I’m not sure what to make of that.

I’ve tried getting more fat. I thought maybe it was from too much protein, but so far my body is still like a raging inferno. I’m hoping this goes away over time?

(Ilana Rose) #100

This totally happened to me too. It was a super annoying anti-NSV since keto had actually taken the hot flashes away. It is tied to the protein to fat ratio, in me at least, but it’s not easy to rectify that ratio on carnivore to the extent needed.

Now I’m basically having only fat with a small amount of protein for lunch and also adding significant fat to my dinners. I’m basically following the KetoAF protocol which is 2:1 fat to protein in grams. It’s working, but it’s hard to get used to. On the plus side my tastes are slowly changing. I want even more fat daily now.