Starting Zero Carb Trial

(Edith) #101

My husband is now realizing that he did have sinus congestion in the evenings previous to keto carnivore. That’s probably the answer to the lack of snoring.

(Edith) #102

I figured it’s time for an update. This is going to be a long post.

I’ve been following the ketogenic diet for two years, now. I’ve always had problems with dairy and gluten, but over the course of those two years, I started developing more problems with the foods I ate. Mostly, the foods seemed to be causing heart palpitations. The biggest culprits were coconut and chocolate. A few other symptoms made me think maybe I had developed a histamine intolerance. As a middle aged woman, heading towards menopause, it thought these dietary changes might have something to do with the hormonal changes.

I started my carnivore trial really to lose the weight that has been creeping back up over the past year.
As mentioned in previous posts, over the course of five weeks I received several benefits when I made the switch to keto carnivore.

Then, vacation time arrived. My family and I traveled to Rome for ten days. While there, I returned to a more keto-esque diet. I did have some vegetables, a few nuts, dairy-free gelato (once), and a few coconut macaroons. Many of the foods were foods I’d been avoiding because they were considered high in histamines. These included cured/aged meats, nuts, and tomatoes. I also took a few bites of bread when it was placed in front of me when dining out.

So… what did I observe. Well, I did not have any trouble with the foods. Coconut, which was one of the foods causing palpitations, was fine. Tomatoes, which were previously causing me to have stuffed up sinuses, were fine. I had no issues from all the salami type meats I ate. I did not have any palpitations while we were there. I was even lazy with my usual sodium supplementation. I will admit, I did gain a few pounds over the course of the vacation.

So, I’m wondering…

Maybe I had a leaky gut. Leaky gut can cause a person to develop food allergies/intolerances. Maybe my five weeks of only meat (for the most part) caused my gut to heal and now I have more dietary tolerance?

So, the question is: am I going to stay kept carnivore? Well… probably not strictly. I do not “cheat” on keto. But, I do “cheat” on carnivore. Technically, any time I eat a raspberry or two, or eat some pieces of vegetable, I am cheating on carnivore and that causes me some mental (if small) stress.

I do like all the benefits I received with carnivore so I think my conclusion is going to be meat heavy keto, but still have some veggies or fruit here and there. My bowels do like having some carbs, too.

Now, I have another tool in my toolbox. If my food issues start to reoccur, then I can alway go to back to being a keto carnivore.

Oh, one quick aside: my husband really enjoyed himself dietarily in Rome and he even had pizza and gelato several times. His snoring started to return, although not to its previous roaring level. Within a few days of returning home and getting back on carnivore track, his snoring has once again disappeared.

(Susan) #103

Best wishes with this new avenue of your Keto journey; Edith. and figuring out what works for your body. We are definitely all different, and figuring out what works is a process but interesting as well.

My husband snores realllllly extremely… I can relate/empathize with you on that!

(Edith) #104

Yeah, the cessation of his snoring was definitely a pleasant surprise from our trial.

(Susan) #105

I even bought us pillows a while back to help… and they actually have made his snoring not as loud, but still didn’t stop him. They are very comfy pillows though =).