Starting Zero Carb Trial

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Exactly, it’s stupid.

(Edith) #62

Well, I am definitely finding Keto Carnivore as I shall call it less stressful than regular keto. I was telling my family at dinner that it’s really nice not worrying about my macros. Am I eating too many carbs, too much protein? It doesn’t matter, I’m just eating meat, nothing to think about.

Ah, nice!

(Edith) #63

So, I’m three days in to my second week on Keto carnivore. My abdomen is noticeably flatter. I’m thinking the veggies were causing bloating.

My husband, to show his support, started Saturday after his return from his business trip. The funny part is for years when he would cook something on the grill, I would ask, “What else are we having besides meat?” He would not have thought of a side dish. I would say, “We need to have something green with our dinner.”

Now, I’m the one who is fine with eating only meat and he is missing vegetables. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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@VirginiaEdie I don’t know if you’ve happened upon my other posts about me also doing this, with good results thus far.
I dropped cheese and veg maybe…2mos ago-ish? to break a stall which it promptly did (went from 122 to 118 in just a few days, then to 116 last time I weighed maybe 3 weeks ago)
Not weighing until end of month to give it a chance to get to 110 (goal) but I can definitely see the body changes so I know it’s working.

I find it easy but do miss cheese, badly. I’m going to add it back in when at goal but in far less quantity; I was having 16oz mozz per DAY :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

(Edith) #65

Hiya @BlueViolet. We sound pretty similar. My goal (well, fantasy weight) is 115. I could be happy where I am, but I’m curious to see if I can obtain that fantasy weight. I don’t eat dairy already due to an allergy/intolerance. I had also already given up nuts except macadamia nuts plus was eating a low histamine diet, so dropping down to carnivore wasn’t too much of a stretch. Even so, it’s been enough to see visible changes in a short amount of time. Pretty amazing.

The only problem I have with keto carnivore is my digestion is off. Stomach is mildly upset and I have the runs. I’ll see if things improve as the month goes on. My life would be easier family-wise if I got back to regular keto, and maybe use keto carnivore as a tool. Again, I’ll reevaluate things in a month.

Do you plan on sticking with carnivore?

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Dr. Clemens from Paleo-Medicina says this is 100% caused by overconsumption of protein on a keto-carnivore diet. She says it resolves in all patients when their fat: protein ratio is brought to 2g:1g which is approximately 22% calories from protein.

(Edith) #67

Hummmm, that’s going to be a problem. Except for pork belly, I can’t think of another meat that is that high in fat. Even rib eye is pretty much 50-50 leaning towards higher on the protein. How do you get that much fat with keto carnivore?

(Ilana Rose) #68

I add fat. I eat a fair bit of pork fat back which is just the skin plus a thick inch of fat. I also add beef fat the my ribeye (butchers will often just give you the trimmings). Also, I eat other very fatty cuts such as beef ribs, pork side ribs, pork shoulder, short ribs, and bottom blade roast. I also eat fish belly which is mostly fat.

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I’m liking it fine but I miss cheese and oddly, cabbage so much. What I’ll have to do since cheese makes me crave moremoremore :cheese::cheese::cheese: and stalls me (never gained though no matter how much cheese) and I seemingly do worse (only realized this after eliminating them) with veg is have them sparingly, like once/week. I was eating lots of cheese, cabbage, peppers 3-5X/week formerly.

Re: your mention of BMs, I totally expected constipation as I’d read this is common complaint on heavy meat/no veg but instead my BMs became perfect in all ways :poop:. Less frequent but perfect. I’ve had zero digestion issues. Meat travels slowly through the gi tract so I would wager individual motility rate factors in there, i.e. someone whose motility tends to be a tad slow may experience discomfort?

(Edith) #70

Actually, I have the opposite trouble of constipation. :grimacing:

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@VirginiaEdie right no I got that, sorry, I phrased poorly.

I wrote prior to seeing @Ilana_Rose’s post above; addresses the discomfort part and loose stools. That one person experiences this and and another -me- has their stools improve goes to my theory of motility perhaps being the variable. God knows my protein has to be way up there based upon what I consume.

(Ilana Rose) #72

Yeah, I don’t think everyone gets that problem. My problem is the opposite and I haven’t been able to ‘cure’ it with excess protein. I’m glad though, because too much protein makes me feel like garbage so it’d be a lousy pill to have to take to solve the issue. Still troubleshooting this one. I’m hoping another week or two on Carnivore will make but a difference. I’ve had this issue dice starting keto and nothing had helped yet.


I hope I get to this point. I wake up at night a lot, seems to be around 2 most nights…wide awake. I eventually get back to sleep but the funny thing is that my sleep quality has greatly improved.


Funny enough I do miss sauerkraut and kimchee and may add those back in sometimes. I still eat cheese, though not as much, and my treat is full fat Greek yogurt.

(Edith) #75

Last week, week 1, my sleep was terrible. This week, my sleep is improving.

(Edith) #76

I’ve listened to several podcasts lately about the carnivore diet. Some people feel organ meets are not needed. Some people feel at least liver is.

I’ve tried chicken livers twice over the past week and a half and have not felt well after eating them both times. I believe I have a histamine intolerance and liver is considered a high histamine food. Btw, the histamine problem has been much better on keto carnivore.

Is there some kind of animal product I can eat, maybe some kind of seafood, that would provide the nutrients in liver without eating liver?

(Chris - #77

Is there a whole foods near you? You can pick up a jar of salmon roe (eggs) for about $12 that is like an animal supervitamin.

Honestly though, unless you’re craving organs you don’t really need em. Eat meat. Not too little. Mostly fat.

(Edith) #78

No, wasn’t craving it. In fact, I’m cracking up just thinking about craving liver. :nauseated_face: I just want to make sure I’m getting all my vitamins and minerals. I was considering it more from a medicinal point of view.

We have a Whole Foods not too far away. Maybe I’ll try the roe. I’m all for expanding my horizons, well somewhat. :grinning:

(Edith) #79

I am now two weeks into keto carnivore. I do like it. I have also noticed some health improvements.

  1. I dropped a few pounds. I think this is due to lessening inflammation from not eating vegetables that may have been irritating my system. At first I thought it might have been water weight from dropping the carbs, but I did not lose any exercise endurance like when I first started keto. Therefore, I think it was from less inflammation.

  2. My abdomen is much flatter. I would have a distended belly by the end of the day. Now, it stays pretty flat.

  3. Exercise recovery has improved. I have back problems, so my back is always irritated the day following a run. The past two times I have run, my back has felt just fine the next day.

Some problems I am still having:

  1. Bowels are still pretty darn loose.

  2. Sleep still isn’t great, but I don’t know how much of that is due to my 53 year old feminine hormones.

I am going to continue this trial for a least two more weeks.

(George) #80

Pretty interesting thread to ready through! I’m starting my ketocarnivore/zero carb experiment this week. Cutting all veg and all dairy, mainly just for fun and to see if it increases weight loss. Looking forward to seeing the results