Starting to enjoy fasting...!

(Jane Srygley) #1

I am on my 4th fast. The first 2 were each 24-26 hours. The third was 31 hours. This is scheduled to be around 30. I went to my lovely niece’s wedding over the weekend, which was wonderful. I attempted to stay keto throughout because the last time I said f-it and ate whatever I wanted at a family event, I gained 6 lbs. 6. But I ended up being the cake cutter and I can’t be that intimate with a sugary food and not go all the way, so I finally succumbed… twice :roll_eyes:

I just have to say it feels kind of empowering to say ok, Tuesday I’m not eating. I kind of like the phrase “not eating”… I just feel kind of EMPOWERED by being able to say nope, today I’m not eating any food. I don’t need to and I don’t want to. It just feels good. Anyone else feel anything like that…?

(Paul H) #2

Fasting is my new cool word. It’s so natural. Relax people we are not shrews. :+1:

(Susan) #3

I think Fasting is a perfect thing to do if we have gone off the bandwagon at all. I haven’t had a situation happen like this since I began doing Keto really properly in May (started in February but slipped up a few times until getting strict with it in May), no cheats at all since then. I know for sure though, when I do (as I am positive at some points on my journey this will happen) I intend to do a period of fasting after. I think Fasting is a great thing to get us back on track quickly =); so yes you are spot on saying that!