Starting slow - 5K - need help


My buddy and I are signed up for a 5k run in 3 weeks. He’s been keto for over a year and is down over 125lbs (376 to 245), I’ve been keto since June 1 and down over 60lbs (335 to 270) now.

Anyways, I have been running using the C25K app but had a problem with my surgically repaired knee swelling up about 25lbs (300) ago so I had to stop jogging and shift back to walking.

I started the program back up last week and am now on week 2, 90 seconds of running and 2 minutes of walking.

Do I keep following the program and just do what I can during the 5k or is there another way to train to get me to where I’m not walking during the race?


Tyler - congratulations to you and your friend on your weight loss and healthier lives. Personally I would carry on doing what you’re doing now if it works for your knee. If you bust the knee now just because you don’t want to walk during your race, you’ll be mightily peeved. Continue to train after and it won’t be that long before you’ll be able to do another 5K without the walking. Good luck.

(Scott) #3

You are doing it right. Just keep getting your miles in and over time your knee should get the hang of it. When I started I had lots of knee pain and assumed “I can’t run”. After walking and inserting shorts runs in over months I transitioned into full running. I did six miles this morning and often do 25 miles a week and have zero knee pain. You may want to get some real running shoes from a running store if you haven’t already. I have been using Hoka shoes for the cushion they have. Also use an app to track miles on the shoes as they will be worn at about 350 miles. After that my knees will start to protest.

(Old Baconian) #4

You need your knee for getting around. While I can understand the appeal of doing well in a race, would winning the race still be worth it, if you ended up needing a wheelchair permanently as a result? Something to consider, at any rate. Personally, I’d vote for preserving the knee. If you can run, great, but if not, keep the knee going for as long as possible.

(Scott) #5

Do the race for fun. If you feel pain your body is trying to tell you something. No harm in walking some or all of the 5K either way you will have a great time!

(Ed) #6

Injuries will only get worse, so run slow and walk if you need to walk. I’d treat the race as part of the journey and not the destination.

(PSackmann) #7

Good for you for picking this goal Tyler. Absolutely do what you can do without trying to push your knee past what it’s ready for.

For longer-term training, I would suggest looking into Jeff Galloway’s running program if you have knee issues. He’s a proponent of run-walk-run for everything, or what I do, which is walk-slower walk-walk. Through his clinics, he has helped many people reduce their overall times as well as reducing injuries.


I’ll look up that training method. I’ve been alternating between the C25K program 3 days per week and a little working out in my garage focusing on kettlebell swings, squats, lunges, clean and press, and other KB exercises.

I start a new job on Monday, I’ll look and see if I can get on the school’s track for running as the track is rubber. That should help while I’m training to lessen the impact my knees are taking.

I’ve not had any knee pain or problems since starting back the C25K. I guess cardio with 25 less pounds to move around helps, haha.

(PSackmann) #9

If it’s just an issue of low synovial fluid, jogging (not running) can help the body produce more, supposedly. If it’s something else though, you’ll want to be careful about the impact. The rubber track sounds like a plan, I just hate driving anywhere when I’m done with work, especially in the summer

(David Cooke) #10

I also had problems with my knees initially, at one time a surgeon wanted to replace my cartilage and other bits. Although I do feel a twinge in one or both knees occasionally, I no longer worry about it. Took me 6 months.
I put this down to :
regular training combined with strictly observed rest days.
Keto diet.
Eating turmeric, a teaspoon of root per day, COMBINED WITH PEPPER. Turmeric extract is also to be recommended. Turmeric works against inflammation.
Persevere with your 5K race, but don’t risk an injury, you may decide “never again”.


I had a meniscus tear, the ortho shaved the tear away. It’s been a while since the surgery, I guess being heavy didn’t help much.

(PSackmann) #12

If you’ve been consistent with any therapy exercises the doctor gave you, you should be okay. When I go longer distances (not as much now with the heat) I use a compression knee brace to help support, if I’m going to be walking all day I wear a hinged brace to prevent sideways motion. It helps a lot.


I just wanted to echo the sentiments to take care of yourself during training and the actual race. Last time I completed a 5k OH MERCY lol, I had a pregnant lady pushing a toddler in a stroller pass me going up hill. Instead of listening to blatant signals from my body to slow down, I felt compelled to pass the pregnant lady :upside_down_face: Not my best moment, thought I was going to die when I crossed the finish line.


I’m being careful while I’m training. I was going to run today but my lower body was sore from yesterday’s workout.

I’m probably going to run Sunday since my schedule tomorrow is full.