Started EF day two



Doing an extended fast to lose weight and be free of sweet cravings, been using sweetners on and off and I want to quit them. Day two and I feel great! Yesterday I had one decaf coffee and one tea with 2 tbs cream and a little unsweetened soy milk, as well as green tea through out the day. Pink salt and water too, vitamins and omega 3’s. I plan to go as long as I can, although I won’t be fasting on christmas eve or day. I’m sure I will break my fast before Christmas though.
I want to lose 10-12 kg, (about 20-25 lbs). According to the calculator I can burn about 1600 kcal from my own fat per day. I don’t feel good when I do a zero kcal fast so this ~300 kcal/day fast is great for me and I feel so good!

(David Cooke) #2

Good luck!
I am planning my first 24 hour fast for AFTER the holidays, after one low carb day, seems more realistic.
I don’t really want to lose much more weight, just to get back into ketosis and maintain my blood pressure and sugar levels, which I suppose are secondary for you at the moment?
I plan on drinking herbal teas (including ginger root), a little apple cider vinegar, soda water and one coffee. Some salt.
Looking forward to this and finding out if it’s something I want to do regularly.

(Barbara) #3

When did you start…? I started yesterday actually Friday 7 pm…
I had a couple weeks of completely going off the rails… started to gain weight back 5 lbs… ouch !!
I think part of my problem was my daily dairy consumption, cream, cheeses, sugar free sweetness…
I want to go 12 days…leaving for a Christmas trip want to feel better…
Let’s support each other!,
I have done several 24 hr fasts… one 4 day never a 12…
Doing coffee, water, tea… may add bone broth if things become unbearable…
You game…:evergreen_tree::snowman_with_snow:


@Herewego I started Wednesday evening, but then I stopped yesterday at a social event unfortunately. That was a bummer but today I started again! Yes, let’s support each other and post our progress here! I’m excited :smile: