Started 4 weeks ago, some questions


I started 4 weeks ago have lost about 8lbs, -3, +1/2, -3, -2. I started with urine strips and quickly found, I wanted a blood tester , I bought the Keto-Mojo. After sometime, I questioned whether I was getting the proper macro ratios. So the last few days I have measured all my food. I found I’m low on Protein, and finding it hard to get enough. (my son suggested a Protein shake, hmm, maybe).
Here are my macro intake and keto levels for Last Sunday and Monday.
10am to 12 pm 6 mile walk , 1pm eat 14gr Carbs, 14gr Protein, 68gr fat, 3pm Keto 3.7 (highest ever) Glucose 96, 4pm K=1.1 G =95, 5pm, Sorry don’t have macros, ate Protein bar, Pork meatloaf , 1/2 cucumber, 2 strawberries, 1-1/2oz pork rinds, 8:30pm K=0.8 G= 101.
I don’t see what I eat that made my Keto drift down all day.

Next day, 9:30am to 10:30am, 2.3 mile walk, 11:30 am K= 1.9 G= 94,12pm, 3 mile walk, 1pm, eat 17 gr Carb, 39gr Protein, 60gr Fat, 5:30pm eat 8gr Carb, 49gr Protein, 48gr fat. 8:30pm K=1.2, G= 99.
Can any one give me incite to what I’m doing wrong or right?
Why did I peak at K=3.7 and then fall all day?
Thanks, Qmavam

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Your body used them for fuel!

Ketones vary a lot during the day. Don’t chase ketones - it will drive you nuts.

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Why are you eating so little?


I didn’t realize I was eating so little, until I actually measured my food intake. I haven’t been hungry and it has just seemed OK. I don’t mind losing the weight, because I ran upon Keto and noticing my pants were too tight at about the same time. I’m 65yr old male, 5’6" tall and started at 164lbs, now, I’m 154lbs. I can still lose some weight around my waste, but more important is building more muscle. And I noted the low protein!
I will join gym in the next couple days.
To Janie, As far as chasing ketones, I’m a tech guy and like to know numbers, but also know, I have seen K=0.4 a few times, so need to know why that happens, as I hope to stay closer to the K= 1.5 to 3.0.
Once I get the feeling for eating Keto correctly, I can drop daily testing.

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@Qmavam I’m both a tech guy and a gadget guy. I suspect you’re both, too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: They kind of go together.

Tracking ketones is interesting and delivers a lot of data (but only if you test multiple times per day, however). You can use all that data to create a lot of nice graphs. But don’t base anything or draw conclusions from ketone numbers, unless you have some specific medical condition that requires a certain level of β-hydroxybutyrate. If you continue to track ketones frequently enough you will soon discover that you’re observing a very dynamic system that fluctuates widely over short time spans.

If in addition to tracking ketones you also track your daily activities and energy requirements, what exactly, how much and when you eat, and any unusual things that occur that affect you physically, you might also graph this additional information and compare it to your ketone graphs. From that comparison you might be able to determine some of the things that affect your ketone levels during the day. Or not.

If you do this, please start another topic to post your data and graphs so the rest of us can benefit from your efforts. Best wishes.

PS Eventually, you will discover that ketones take care of themselves. Getting anxious about numbers will not serve any useful purpose (unless you have a medical condition as I noted above). After you’ve been keto for a few months, ketones are synthesized and utilized pretty much in synch with the need for them. Ultimately, you will burn mostly fatty acids and ketones will probably decrease a lot. Although, you may be interested in this exchange.

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Start with a “Fat Fast” - bacon, eggs swimming in EVOO. This gets you ketone production revved up. Then eat discrete meals 2 or 3/day until satiated - mostly fat, mod protein and 20-40 g total carbs/day. No snacking. Eventually ou do not need to track macros bc you will know how much fat you need to really feel full. Ketones levels vary - in the morning (after 12 hrs fasting) they are lower than the will be in the afternoon because of the “Dawn Effect.” Anything above 0.5mmol/L is nutritional ketosis, a little more is a little better for some, depending on their goals. Keto ON!


I’m 7 weeks on Keto and had blood tests for a check up, my lipid numbers came out fantastic.
My previous blood tests vs latest.

Total Chol…195…109
Non HDL CHOL…159…70