Starbucks Olive Oil In Coffee - BBC

(Alex ) #1

Still surprised bulletproof/butter/MCT coffee is not a staple menu item, could this be the start of a change towards the chains selling fatty coffee?

The world’s largest coffee chain Starbucks says it is launching a line of olive oil-infused drinks in Italy.

Chief executive Howard Schultz says olive oil’s “unexpected, velvety, buttery flavour… enhanced the coffee and lingers beautifully on the palate.”

Starbucks is among the major US businesses that have faced obstacles as they tried to expand into the Italian food and drinks market.

Italy’s coffee scene is famous for its independent and often family-run cafes.

Starbucks currently has around 20 stores in the country.

(Allie) #2

I’ve tried olive oil in coffee… never again.

(Alex ) #3

Yeah I must admit, just the thought of that bitterness puts me off…


Ew. Each to their own but I hate the taste of olive oil to begin with, it only works in some dishes, never desserts. (Coffee is a dessert to me.)

But it can’t have a buttery taste without butter… But again, it’s just me, I never ever ever ever felt “nutty” or other flavors without the nuts themselves (except fennel honey, that’s amazing).

I put actual butter into my coffee sometimes. Or even better, cream :slight_smile: Coffee with cream is a very normal thing :slight_smile:
I avoid buying coffee as drink too as it’s better if I make it myself but that’s another matter and I have the right circumstances for it.

I tried Starbucks once, it wasn’t good. Maybe chose the wrong item but I am not sure there is a right one. I want non-bitter coffee with cream and possibly eggs… Why isn’t eggy coffee a common thing? It’s great. And most people don’t even mind the extra protein. I do as I notoriously overeat protein though I am working on it now, quite seriously.

(Alex ) #5

Coffee and cream is absolutely lush, but I’m told it’s not the best thing if you’re swaying towards zero carb or carnivore.

Olive oil for me is only ever for savoury food, drizzle on a salad or meat of some description, and eating olives themselves should be reserved for Satan.

I also put butter and/or coconut oil in coffee, that’s nice for an energy hit…

(Alex ) #6

eggy coffee???


Yes :slight_smile: An egg and a little butter in it, it’s the best coffee I can make without cream :slight_smile: Of course I need to mix it or else the raw egg white is gross but buttery coffee is gross too without properly mixing into a lightly foamy thing… Of course, one can use only the yolk, I did it for a long time but I produce enough extra egg whites without (good that I use them up just fine too) and one single egg yolk is very little…
Sometimes I just use 2 eggs and a yolk but as I quit coffee, it’s my egg milk now.

I put eggs (usually yolks) into (very nearly) EVERYTHING.
Except seitan, that didn’t work. But I surely tried it.

(KM) #8

Real heavy cream has almost no carbs, and you can’t really go carnivore and olive oil in the same breath, I’m afraid. I think they’re probably aiming olive oil because it is much cheaper than cream, and because it’s an Italian market / a novel idea, although the idea of butter is already accepted so it’s just a tweak. I’m sure the segment that promotes olive oil and claims butter is the devil’s tool will be delighted.

Personally I’m not sure there’s an advantage to adding fat for no reason (assuming this is just another thing you’re consuming along with the rest of breakfast.) I love my coffee with lots of cream (lots, maybe 1/4 cup) but that’s both for the taste preference and because it’s my entire breakfast; I just don’t understand the appeal of grease floating on top of my beverage


Wow. Olive oil is WAY more expensive than cream (or even butter) here.

Yeah surely they kept that in mind too…

Me neither. But I have read many times that it works for many as a breakfast drink. I would just overeat fat like CRAZY…
And I find fatty coffee super gross anyway. I mean, only fatty coffee, if it has protein too (even just as little as cream brings), it’s a different matter (my creamy coffee has barely any calories anyway as I use very little cream and it’s perfect. unless it’s whipped and I can afford the extra fat too) :slight_smile: But my protein sources add enough fat to it.
But each to their own.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #10

Olive oil has a strong taste that requires a lot of getting used to. Even though I enjoy the taste, I wouldn’t want olive oil in my coffee! :coffee:

Now, coffee “infused” with bacon grease, on the other hand, . . . :bacon::bacon:


I asked my SO and he can’t imagine coffee with olive oil being good either.

Maybe you would enjoy the chocolate covered Mangalica bacon too (a company near here made it a few years ago. it was popular, they said)… For me, anything meaty and sugar, just no. (There are very very few subtle exceptions.)
And no bacon with chocolate either, even unsweetened.

(Alex ) #12

Chocolate covered bacon!? Can’t cope with these savoury/sweet concoctions

(Allie) #13

I do it, one raw egg blended into coffee… but my girls do make the best eggs :smiley:


I looked it up. I said wrong, not bacon. Scratchings :smiley: But chocolate covered nonetheless. And Mangalica. The hype about Mangalica continues. I have some dry sausages now, very good! And NO added sugar at all.


Yes, some people do it, I mean, why isn’t it more known and common? It’s good :slight_smile:

People are often worry about eating enough protein for some reason (it was never a problem for me) and they don’t have eggy coffees… :upside_down_face: I could drink very many eggs, I need to keep myself back…

(Pete A) #16


(Ohio ) #17

Olive oil in my coffee. Pass. MCT & butter too for that matter. Coffee* is my catalyst for large amounts cream.

*decaf mostly


Coconut oil & butter, with a little hand blender to emulsify. Tasty!

(Robin) #19

One of those little blenders is on my list to buy next.


I use my stick blender for my egg milks, coffees and the like. Works very well. Metal and easy to clean.