Starbucks Olive Oil In Coffee - BBC

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Yep, if you have a nice butter blend, ideally slightly salted, this is my favourite as well…

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I like a teaspoon of ghee or coconut oil. I just never acquired a taste for olive oil. Ever.

But I’ve heard some do love it.


Still ew.
I LOVE lard - but not in my desserts. And I am very much aware that lard and other non-dairy animal fats are used in pastries traditionally, I met those pastries a few times in my life (one even won something on a cake competition in my village some years ago). Not my style.
I stick with butter and cream and eggs in my coffee :slight_smile:

Ideally unsalted for me in desserts. Eggs actually start to pose a problem as they have much sodium and I feel my egg milks annoyingly salty sometimes. It happened with other eggy desserts too… I wonder if it’s because my immediate past contained more than 5g salt a day… As it is definitely the case now, I went up to 6g a day or maybe a tad more… I am usually lower but I ate much processed stuff and they are salty…

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Yes has to be slightly salted.

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It’s one of the best fats for cooking with, especially making omelettes, I used to fry my omelettes with coconut oil for the MCTs but I now prefer lard, also much cheaper.


Yes, I totally use it for my scrambled eggs and the like :slight_smile: But I fry too lean pork in it too and it’s basically my one and only cooking fat. Butter is expensive and burns easier and the flavor is subtle, it would get lost in most cases.

Coconut oil and lard is about the same price… I never buy lard so I don’t know exactly though. I get enough from my roasts and fried pork. If I run out, I just buy some 70/30 pork, fry it, the fattiest pieces produce some lovely super fatty scratchings and lard enough for weeks, the leaner parts make a wonderful, still fatty but not too fatty meal…
But even when I still bought lard, it was from a local farm, a bit brown from the pork fat fried in it and that does very good to the taste…

Coconut oil is tasteless, I only use it for food for my SO (he dislilkes lard. what a person) and pancakes where I don’t know if I will eat them as dessert or not. They don’t need extra flavor anyway.

I never saw MCT, I am not sure it’s available here. But I don’t need it so fine.


Never heard of adding olive oil to coffee. I have a quiver of olive oils, all for different purposes and all are different in taste, some are peppery and burn, some sweeter. I think I will pass.
I prefer to use grass-fed butter, 35% cream and a pinch of Redmond’s Real Salt then blended with a hand mixer. Nice and frothy. A variation is Dr. Maffetone’s version where he adds an egg to the above mixture. Also very good and gives you some morning protein.

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lovely :wink:


Nothing better than a French-style omelette. Lots of butter, cream and slowly cooked. No browning of the eggs. Salt afterwards. Mmmmm.

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This is a typical Alex fat-inspired breakfast…. Coffee with coconut oil, lard fried omelette with a side order of bacon….



I have just had scrambled eggs with lean pork, pork jowl and head cheese and coffee with milk :slight_smile: Okay, MANY coffees with milk, I needed a little break from my coffeeless new woe… Quitting food items is way easier, coffee is stubborn. But it goes better now than ever.

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@Alex_PN… so much good! Even your little kettle makes me jealous.
I have just started the bullet coffee and am a convert.