Starbucks Drinks


I am sorry if this has been a thread already, I can’t seem to find what I am looking for. I am wondering if the sugar free syrups are keto friendly. I am currently ordering a Grande Americano with SF Vanilla and a splash of steamed heavy cream. I think it sounds right but not completely sure. Also, are there any other alternatives other than black coffee or espresso. Thanks!

(Don) #2

I usually ask for an iced coffee with heavy whipping cream and no syrup.

(Ethan) #3

Keto Frappuccino:

Grande cup, Cold brew iced coffee to the first line, Heavy cream to the second line, two scoops of protein powder, two pumps of sugar-free cinnamon dolce, Ice, and blend it as a smoothie.


I do a Trenta Iced Coffee with HC and then fake the sugar with that Stevia/Monk blend. I’m iffy on their SF syrups.

(Troy) #5

I just get an ICED americano
Everyone once in awhile I may add a packet of sweet leaf stevia ( BYO ) :smile:

But, if I remember correctly, the sugar free syrups have liquid sucralose?
W KETO, some are fine w it…YMMV

—DISCLAIMER- I may be wrong about the added sucralose …Others on here may know for sure —

(Mike W.) #6

Why just a splash of heavy cream? I order heavy cream lattes. They’re heaven.

(Tina Emmons) #7

You can always ask. They should have nutrition info available to you or ask to see the bottle. The question then is, does the sweetener trigger YOUR insulin response? You can test for it. Listen to The Dudes’ podcast on sweeteners. I just asked a server at chilis if there was sugar in the buffalo wing sauce and she printed the nutrition facts for the entire menu for me! (It was eye-opening, btw. There was sugar in every damn thing except the meat, cheese and vegetable. I mean everything!) and like @MiKetoAF, I too would not skimp on the cream!

(Banting & Yudkin & Atkins & Eadeses & Cordain & Taubes & Volek & Naiman & Bikman ) #8

Grande pike in a Venti cup. Fill with heavy cream (you have to ask), three packets of fake sugar, or 1.5 of pink.


(Tina Emmons) #9

It’s on their website: zero carb, with sucralose.


Make sure there is know maltodextrin in the syrup, sometimes this is in the ingredients even when sucrolose is present. Maltodextrin raises my blood sugar and makes me want to eat everything. I don’t understand why they do it, but just check their labels

(Kristin ) #11

N=1 Sf vanilla has Dextrose… sf cinnamon dolce does not.

I’m not super affected by any sweetners, but do better on liquid stevia.

I get a venti iced (or hot) americano extra heavy cream 2 pumps sf cinnamon dolce, 1 packet stevia (or I’ll bring my own liquid drops some times)- tastes like heaven.

Also love me a Iced passion fruit tea no sweetner, add 3 pumps sf vanilla (I’m not sensitive to sweetners), extra heavy cream.

(Jessica) #12

I get a Tall hot americano with heavy cream or bento iced coffee with heavy cream and sf cinnamon dolce syrup.

(Casey) #13

I find that I do not need to add anything “sweet” when I add heavy cream to my coffee or cold brew. The heavy cream is all of the flavor I need.

Does anyone know if the skinny mocha is keto friendly? I have orded a skinny mocha latte with half heavy cream and half water instead of the milk. It is a real treat.

(Mike W.) #14

It feels guilty…

(Andrew Anderson) #15

Flat White, heavy cream, no simple syrup. They can be sneaky sugar daddies if you don’t specify.

(Celi Liu) #16

Matcha frappuccino

-No classic syrup
-1 pump Sugar Free Vanilla syrup
-1 pump Sugar Free Cinnamon Dolce Syrup
-Sub Heavy cream
-Add 1 extra scoop of matcha powder

***New matcha powder at Starbucks has no sugar mixed in. Drinks are now sweetened with Classic Syrup instead

This drink may be too sweet for some but if you are craving Ice Cream, it does wonders.


Can you taste the coffee in that shotglass of cream? haha. Trenta or go home!

(Mike W.) #18

Ha! It’s there…ish

(Jennifer ) #20

Yes, they use sucralose. But watch out, if you ask for “sugar free mocha”, they will give it to you without correcting you that it’s NOT sugar free. The mocha is technically “skinny”, and has a good amount of carbs.

It also tastes like crap so there’s that too…

(Jennifer ) #21

Hey idk if you saw my reply - it’s not. It’s not “sugar free”, it’s “skinny”, so it has like 8 carbs I think? Can’t remember the number. But you can literally order a “sugar free mocha” and they won’t correct you that it’s not sugar free.