Starbucks Drinks

(Troy) #22

Iced Americano or Cold Brew

More importantly, Maybe I’m late to the lid gadget game at my local Starbucks…drinking this right now

And others get these sippee cup kids?:thinking::joy:
I Don’t Know The little things that fascinate me😄
Had to take a pic

(What The Fast?!) #23

Y’all - Starbucks SF syrups have Ace K in them!

(Pan Dulce) #24

:exploding_head: Ugh! I just ordered a “sugar free mocha breve” this morning at Starbucks. I wish I’d read this thread in preparation. There are so many great recipes listed here!

(Jennifer ) #25

Ask for a “nitro lid” and you’ll get one every time!

(Jennifer ) #26

Yes…so annoying. I did some digging, it’s about 4-5 carbs per pump.

(Amy) #27

Their SF syrups give me terrible gas cramps.
I order a heavy cream latte, and then add nutmeg.

(Ethan) #28

What size is that


Strong black coffee is what you need if you want to lose weight. Try to brew high-quality coffee yourself in the morning and carry it with you throughout the day, or order coffee without additives at Starbucks. To keep your coffee warm throughout the day, you can ask the barista to pour it into your reusable cup, and by the way, this is very practical and saves a lot of time. In addition, reusable cups are very eco-friendly. But to lose weight, you need strong coffee without additives or other coffee for losing weight, which you can also learn about from a barista.

(BuckRimfire) #30

As long as we’re replying to a zombie thread: says here polyols and sugar alcohols can cause gas pains.

That might explain the gas cramps if the syrups are sweetened with a sugar alcohol.

Do Starbucks typically have heavy cream available? I don’t go in those places much since few of their products appeal to me (I agree with the humor writer (attribution forgotten) who called their drinks “buckets of sucaryled slop,” and I actually LIKE the taste of coffee without burying it under a bunch of other flavors), and I don’t think there’s a single item of solid food they sell that’s keto, but I suppose there are times when an iced coffee from them would do in a pinch. When I have been in one, I don’t remember seeing heavy cream amongst the available dairy and dairy-like products set out for customers to add.

(Ethan) #31

Yes, heavy cream is available for free in regular coffee and for a fee in a latte