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Over the weekend I put in a standing desk that sits on top of my existing desk. It can sit flat or raise up so I can stand at my desk. Of my 8 hours in my office today I probably stood for 3.5-4 of them. From what I have read there are good things from a standing desk from a blood circulation standpoint.

Has anyone used a standing desk and seen it help them reduce inches/weight any faster? Also, any tips from our amazing community?

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Ive used one, and theyre great if you dont have a back problem. If you do, standing that long everyday could compress the discs in people with degenerative disc disease. But 3.5 to 4 hours and the rest sitting is a good mix, even with back probs.

I felt it made me more awake at work, but less oomf at the gym after work.

A good pairing would be the lift desk and exercise ball chair.

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I use one at work due to L5/S1 problems. I like mine. I take a break every 3 or so hours for about 20 minutes. Just remember not to lock your knees and stay on the balls of your feet if you can, works for me , at least. Also a foot rest helps if you like to alternate legs through the day.

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I have a disc in my lower back that likes to herniate and ruin my life if I’m not careful with it. I work a job with no desks, but that’s how I like it, standing up all day. When I sit my back is ruined. I think I have better posture and probably stronger core muscles from being upright all day so I say go for it. Mind your feet, though and wear decent foot support. And move your legs and bend them to encourage blood flow if you’re staying in one spot the whole time. (OMG, I sound like an OSHA handout)

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I have a standing desk at work.
I’ve used it once, lol.

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I need one at work because I work from the car most of the time, don’t need to be only sitting all day. It’s pretty horrible to be cramped in a car seat with forward shoulders and then have to finish off with sitting at a computer with forward shoulders, and that doesn’t even cover the hour commute.

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Get your exercise while you work or play on the internet:


(Chris - #8

:joy: try that and get back to us hahaha

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Bruh… bruh… I need this in my life. Lmao thatd be awesome. If I walked into my office and found this, Id cry tears of joy. Two birds with one stone.

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No workie for me, I hate treadmills wherever they may be. I need the outdoors to run.

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I see a lot typos with this desk lol

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I thought that too, but then the more typos you have, the longer you have to stay on the treadmill to fix them lol.

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@x-Dena-x I do wonder how accurate one could type while walking.

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Im willing to be a guinea pig :heart_eyes:

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Built one in '05.

desk1 desk2

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Ditto. Recycled air bad, fresh breeze and birdies good.

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If it’s a stand-alone screen and not a laptop, set it on a shoe box or a couple books. Get it to the height that you can look at it with your chin parallel to the floor. Cures a lot of thoracic ills.


I tried a standing desk. My feet were absolutely killing me I prefer to sit down. And more frequent mini walks, to the kitchen, whatever

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In my office I put the printer scanner close to everybody else so I have to get up more often. It also lets me see whats on there screens so they are more likely to stay on task. I bet every time the printer fires up they reflexively change window tabs.