Standing Desk users?

(Kirsten) #1

Anybody else here using a standing desk for most of their workday? I switched over almost three weeks ago and I think I’m finally starting to prefer it to sitting…currently I’m making sure I get a 30 minute walk in during my lunch break, which seems to really help alleviate the foot/calf pain I’ve been getting from standing all day. I got my HR lady to order me a cool anti-fatigue mat to stand on that is supposed to encourage more movement, hopefully that will help as well! I’m hoping to find some accountability buddies to keep me on my standing streak.


(Chris) #2

Is it adjustable so you can sit if needed?

(Kirsten) #3

yeah, but I have another desk in my cube that I use to sit down at if I need.

(Chris) #4

That’s cool! My company would probably not busy for that sadly. I’m mostly on the road anyhow.

(Blessed with butter ) #5

yes @reinainblood I am a stander as well! I walk as well at lunch!

(Raj Seth) #6

I used to. I also bought stand cushions and platforms. They make you use your balance muscles some more - mo’ subconscious muscle activation - mo betterer.
the cushion was a 14" round inflatable rubber disc, about 3" thick, and the platform looked like a flying saucer with a flat top making you balance on it. hard hard hard work to stay on it.

(Bob M) #7

I use a standing desk. Stand about 1/3 the time.

(Wendy) #8

I work retail and stand all day except for lunch. Sometimes I would love to sit. :open_mouth::roll_eyes:

(Laurie) #9

I’m at a standing desk right now! I’m retired, but I worked at a standing desk for at least 10 years.

I found that standing on the floor was hard on my legs and hips. So I got a wobble board, which makes you move various muscles, and the problems went away. I got mine from Fitterfirst.

They do tend to be expensive, but you might be able to get a handy person to make you one out of wood. Because I have sensitive feet, I covered mine with 4 layers of foam floor mat cut to fit (1.5 inches total thickness) and held on with duct tape.

You also need at least one layer of old carpet under the “ball” to protect your floor.

There are other styles of wobble board (e.g., with rollers or a gradual curve instead of a half ball), but I’ve never tried any of these. This one looks nice–and expensive–and not so likely to wreck the floor.

I did try the inflatable disc, but I didn’t like it.

It took me a day or two to get used to the wobble board at first, but unlike @Rajseth, I don’t find it difficult to stand on it. Probably because a woman’s center of gravity is lower. When I needed to concentrate hard on some difficult task, I did have to rest one edge of the board on the floor; it seems that keeping one’s balance uses a portion of one’s brain power. But most of the time I don’t even think about it.

I’ll be glad to be an accountability buddy, if that will help. What would you need me to do?


Yeah, I started the same time I started keto, just on one year ago. I use it at work (paid for by the boss) and went from comfortably being able to stand for about 30 minutes at the beginning, to now only sitting at break times. I had issues with swelling ankles - and while this hasn’t gone away completely - its no longer the problem it used to be and I think that’s because I’m standing much more. I don’t use matting, I’m already standing on carpet and overall I’m really happy I made the choice to stop sitting.

(charlie3) #11

My bench at work is tall enough for standing then I have a drafting height adjustable seat so I can sit there as well. We get 80 minutes of lunch and breaks. I walk for the entire time, currently at 122 steps per minute (I’m listening to a book, a metronome sounds in the background, a runners app calls out elapsed time and some times heart rate). Incidental walking around the shop plus walking on breaks can add up to 700 calories.

(Kay Lynn) #12

I use a standing desk about 1/3 of the day when I’m in the office (work from home or travel 1/2 the days). My doctor prescribed it; only way to get one employer-paid.

(less is more, more or less) #13

I’ve been using standing desks since 2008. I LOVE my standing desk. Hell, I started by piling boxes on top of each other back then. Now I have a “proper” standing desk (As They Might Be Giants said; it’s free when work pays for it.) that lets me sit when I’d like to change it up. I stand a large majority of the day. Days where I jog I’m more inclined to sit, but then, briefly.

That level board looks cool, I’d bet I could fashion one on the cheap.

(Todd Allen) #14

I bought an inexpensive standing desk that is modestly adjustable in height during assembly. I also got a chair adjustable to bar stool height with a pneumatic lift which I can use with the standing desk. But I’ve only used the chair a few times in the past year when sick or injured. I’ve really adapted well to standing and think it has done wonders for my health and fitness.

(Kirsten) #15

Wow, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that so many keto people are into standing desks, huh? Those balance boards look pretty cool, I may have to get one of those myself!

I was thinking about trying one of these, too:

(Allie) #16

I would love a standing desk but it’s not an option. Maybe at some point I’ll get myself one of those chairs that’s actually an exercise ball, but it’ll have to be something I buy as the company won’t.

(Hyperbole- best thing in the universe!) #17

I’ve seen a seat where it is a bicycle seat mounted on a single pole, a one leg stool. It’s used for adhd et al. I don’t currently have a desk, but the idea intrigues me. And seems like something one could cobble together.

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #18

I have a standing desk at work, most people do, but I’m reluctant to use it.
I do a lot when I get home for my family, clean, cook, prepare for the next day etc.
If I get home at 6, I rarely sit by 9.
I probably use it once every few weeks for a few hours - terrible I know considering it cost so much money lol

(Laurie) #19

A plain ol’ exercise ball is better. I’m 5’6" and I sat on a 65 cm ball before I got a standing desk. However, if you use a freestanding exercise ball at work you will need to tether or corral it somehow. Otherwise your employer will consider it a safety hazard and not let you use it. Here’s a product designed to solve this problem:

(less is more, more or less) #20

I have an exercise ball that is my “chair” when I lower the desk. The prices on what you’ve sent along are reasonable. I had spent twice as much on a “professional” class ball. Popped twice. I ended up buying one at Target for $25, four years ago. It’ still solid. My employer has not raised an issue with my freestanding ball, but a more closely-watched OSHA (in the USA) shop might catch. YMMV