Stalls are learning opportunities

(Tom Seest) #1

Sitting in a bathroom stall listening to some dude making unspeakable noises is really the only time you should worry about breaking out of a stall.

Otherwise, treat a stall as a learning opportunity as someday, you will want too maintain that fabulous new you…

How long is normal for a stall?

I’ve stalled for months. I’m stoked I can maintain my current lower weight while eating such bomb ass food.


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Blurry here…perhaps the blur doesn’t show for the original author? @richard?

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hmmm it shows for me when I do it. I wonder if this is specific to some browser,

(G. Andrew Duthie) #6

Or talking on their cellphone? :wink:

Agree with @Theresa, though, the best part about a stall is that I’m still not GAINING weight.

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I had a syntax error, I think. I figured it out though! Thanks!


Exactly. I’ve totally pigged out since Thanksgiving and at most I’ve gained 2 lbs. And that’s likely water weight.

(Alexa) #10

I have been in a stall since October when I started the diet. I want this work so badly and people get pretty angry when I say this diet isn’t working for me from a weight loss standpoint, but its the fact I live with. I have followed the macros to a tee, and logged everything on MFP, for 4 months and gained 10 lbs. On a positive note, I have eaten a lot of food and I feel good. I sleep well and I never have that kind of racing / raging hunger. To be fair, I have not yet succeeded in the one meal a day (OMAD) WOE and I’m pretty sure that would work. Then I ask myself…wouldn’t any diet work on OMAD? So I am going to need to modify. My thought is, and I’m open to input, is first step is OUT with heavy cream. I will also reduce cheese and junky stuff like pepperoni. I will also increase my veggie intake which I had kept very low in an attempt to be as close to zero carb as possible. People have been heated about this admission - I don’t think that’s what this forum is about…I want this to work!


Shake things up and see how it works for you. Dairy, nuts and sweeteners are common things to test by elimination, either all at once or one at a time.
OMAD probably would be of benefit to most diets, but keto makes it much easier because it takes away the need for constant snacking that many people have on carbs.

(Larry Lustig) #12

Probably. But I could never have cut down on unnecessary eating as much as I have without the appetite control I get from having changed my eating habits. I disagree with many people here in that I consider successful ketogenic eating (for weight loss, anyway) to ultimately be a form of caloric restriction – just an easy and more natural one to achieve than attempting to go hungry all the time on the typical CI/CO model.

(Kerri Hines) #13

Have you had any physical change in size or build? I’ve been “stalled” for over a year, but I’ve continued to get physically smaller while actually gaining weight.

(momzbusy2012) #14

Wow! Have you been working out too?

(Kerri Hines) #15

I just started 5x5 at the end of September but I’ve had no noticeable difference in size since starting lifting. That’s what created the weight gain. Shot up the very next day and has never dropped back off. Whatevs…

(Kathy L) #16



this is powerful right here