Stalled weight-loss during extended water fast


Any long term fasters here? I am well versed in 3 and 4 week fasts. I am on day 19 and have only lost .5 pound for the past 4 days. Thoughs on why this might be happening? I do workout a bit each day.

(Deborah) #2

Hi Pri,

my top is 7 days,so no clue on stall, but congrats on your fast.

(Robin) #3

Do you mean a FAST fast, as in no food, or just no water? And all day with no water and/or food? Not being cynical, I just don’t understand and wonder what benefits would come from either, for that long.


A fast fast as in I drink water and water with electrolytes, black coffee. I do this several times a year for the health benefits.

(Old Baconian) #5

“Water fast” means a fast with only water to drink and no food. All fasts lasting longer than a few days require liquid. The body can go about six weeks without food, but it can’t go more than three days or so without water.


Yes, I only drink the above liquids. No food.

(Robin) #7

Thanks. Boy, I was being dense! I am impressed by how long you can go!


It’s actually really easy for me when I can fast. Some fasts are less successful. It’s really empowering for me to recognize that I can fast.

Interestingly, enough I did drop 1 pound overnight. This is an odd fast usually lose 1-2 lbs a day.


How much weight do you ‘want’ to lose to some goal you have in mind for yourself?

just wondering on it all and what your journey has been til ‘your extended fasts’ and how you are stalled.

not enough info for me on your path to comment just yet LOL


You’re not going to loose weight every single day, and with water weighing 8lbs/gal do that math. You’re probably still loosing a little fat, but assume that’s slowing everyday as well.

(Raj Seth) #11

You are mosdef burning fat for daily energy requirements - unless you died :innocent: - so the fat loss has to be continuing - probably 1/2-3/4 lb/day.
Day to day, your weight is heavily influenced by body hydration levels.


Thant’s a very good point. I am very good at keeping my hydration level up. It just struck me as odd since I have never had 4 days with so little movement on the scale. I’ll be interested to see how this fast ends. My plan is to end the fast right before Thanksgiving.

(Millie Boschtiz) #13

There is no way you haven’t lost fat during this time. It’s probably just water and poop retention. Lots of things can cause water retention. Hormones, sodium, stress, humidity, working out, dehydration. You might have a lot of food still sitting in your colon. I once went into a fast after eating about 1,000 calories of steak and salad. I swear that steak sat in my colon for 3 days. I kept waiting for it to pass so I could get an accurate weight, but it didn’t until I broke my fast. I had two iced coffees with about 6 oz cream total, and that steak shot out and I was down like 5 lbs.

If it’s too demoralizing stop looking at the scale for a while.

(Millie Boschtiz) #14

Incidentally I read an article in the Guardian a while back about a guy who went on an extended fast. It was 2 weeks I think. He ended up pooping out a marble he swallowed as a 6 year old! Who knows what the hell is in there.

(Bob M) #15

I stopped weighing myself when I was losing 5+ pounds when fasting 32 or so hours. You know that’s water plus lack of eating, and has nothing to do with what’s really going on in your body.

And of course once you eat, you’re adding pounds of food back into your body.